Gaia Green – Power Bloom


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Gaia Green – Power Bloom


Directions for use:

Gardens, landscapes, and lawn: Apply 2 kg (5 lbs) per 10 m2 (100 ft2).  Gently dig into the soil surface where possible. Apply once per month or as desired.

Pre-mixing soil for hanging baskets, potted plants, and planter boxes: Thoroughly mix 60 ml (4 tbsp) into 4 L (1 gal) of soil or growing medium.

Top dressing hanging baskets, potted plants, and planter boxes: Apply 30 ml (2 tbsp) per 4L (1 gal) of soil or growing medium. Apply once per month or as desired. Gently dig or scratch into the soil surface where possible.

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Power Bloom – 2-8-4

from Gaia Green

This dry fertilizer is carefully formulated with organic materials and rock dusts to exacting standards with attention to sources and their suitability for organic agriculture. The fertilizer blends contain many ingredients to give you micronutrients. When blood or bonemeal is used, it is from Canadian sources.

Benefits include:

  • Aids root development
  • Can be used a stand-alone fertilizer, but is even more effective when combined with GAIA GREEN Worm Castings
  • Helps increase number of blooms, brightness of colours and length of bloom time
  • Helps improve soil structure and plant vitality
  • Easy-to-use and long-lasting; can be used throughout the entire season

Derived from:

Basalt rock dust, bone meal, sterilized feather meal, fish bone meal, humic acid, glacial rock dust, greensand, gypsum, insect frass, kelp meal, mined potassium sulphate, mineralized phosphate, rock phosphate.

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