Grodan Gro-Blocks – Improved

Grodan Gro-Blocks – Improved A core component of our “Precision Growing” philosophy, Grodan Gro-Blocks Improved with Advanced Wetting Technology allow you to cultivate more uniform and high-quality crops while using less water and nutrients. Features Leverage the benefits of products developed alongside plant scientists, that are specifically engineered to deliver real results for your crops. […]

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FoxFarm Potting Soil

FoxFarm is passionate about producing the finest soil mixes, fertilizers, and micro-brewed liquid plant foods. Our formulas are greenhouse tested to ensure quality and consistency. FoxFarm takes great pride in delivering uncompromising quality and supreme customer service. We have supplied this consistency to our customers since 1984. OCEAN FOREST® POTTING SOIL Good Things From the [...] Continue reading

Farm Dirt Compost

Farm Dirt Compost 801 N. Emile St. 4500 Buck St. Houston, TX 77020 281-552-8119   The Biological Engine of Urban Agriculture Farm Dirt is a Houston-local, family-owned and -operated compost facility located in the 5th Ward. We focus on creating healthy soil teeming with microbial life. We keep the oxygen content of our piles high […]

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