ZipGrow Vertical Farming Solutions


The ZipGrow Farm Wall is a small hydroponic system using our patented ZipGrow Towers. This easy-to-use system can be hung on walls, fences, or buildings bearing abundant harvests for many varieties of leafy greens and herbs. By recirculating water and nutrients and mounting to nearly any vertical surface, the system brings to life the walls of any home, business, or school while providing a delicious sustainable product.

These systems come in many height and width options allowing for tremendous versatility to match individual’s needs where space might be limited. If the lightweight and easily mounted system doesn’t have access to natural light our Farm Wall Light Kit provides supplemental lighting for indoor use or winter growing generating consistent year-round production.


ZipGrow’s vision of a better future looks like: a global attitude of people wanting to participate and contribute—and have equal access—to the highest quality, environmentally and economically sustainable produce possible.


ZipGrow’s mission is to design and manufacture the most economically viable, resource-efficient, and productive hydroponic equipment possible for people who believe in smarter, local food sources and want to participate in changing how people think about and access food.



The ZipFarm™ is a complete indoor farming system centered around the ZipGrow™ Tower’s functional and space-saving design. Our turnkey ZipFarms™ include everything you need to be a successful commercial grower; our mobile ZipGrow™ Tower-carrying ZipRacks save you time and labor, the custom, high-efficiency LED lights maximize efficiency and crop production, our water recirculation design saves 90-95% more water over other growing practices, and our tailored plumbing kits with automated water management systems take the stress out of making sure your plants are happy and healthy – even when you’re not in the farm.


Commercial indoor farms are not simple, but our skilled team custom-designs each ZipFarm™ to match your indoor growing space while our expert installation team will come to your location and build it on-site. To ensure you have all the knowledge needed to become a successful indoor farmer we also provide on-site training by a master grower. Our industry-leading technology combined with our team’s hunger for your success ensures you have the tools essential to successful commercial indoor farming.


Focusing on low input requirements and usability, the ZipGrow Farm Wall is designed to grow produce easily and efficiently on nearly any vertical surface. Teach the next generation the endless possibilities new growing techniques bring to a modern world with complex problems.


Want to learn how to grow hydroponically? At a low price-point and high output, the Farm Wall is a perfect solution for learning how to grow hydroponically. It’s the perfect way to dip your toes in the hydroponic waters…pun intended!


Over half of all produce get’s thrown away so it’s likely you’re throwing out produce fairly often. With the Farm Wall, you don’t have to throw out produce, just harvest when you need it and it will always be fresh! No more wasting money on food you’ll eventually throw out, not with the Farm Wall.

A LIVING WALL GARDEN, indoors or out.


A vertical gardening system brings life to your walls and reduces your grocery bill. The ZipGrow™ farm wall provides abundant harvests for many varieties of leafy greens and herbs. The recirculating system is lightweight and easily mounted on walls, fences, and on the north wall of the greenhouse.


Generally, these farm walls are mounted outdoors in full or partial sunlight. For indoor use or for winter growing, the ZipGrow™ farm wall requires one T5 or LED light kit per two ZipGrow™ towers. The towers can be easily removed from the wall for planting, harvest, live sales, and other adjustments.


Included with the ZipGrow™ Farm Wall:

  • 2, 4, or 8 ZipGrow™ Towers, with media inserts which can be “zipped” in and out for easy planting
  • 2 food safe PVC Gutters (38″ length on 4 tower wall, 78.5″ length on 8 tower wall)
  • 1 bottle of nutrients. (Canna Start 500ml for Canadian and International customers, Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro 8oz for USA customers).
  • Drip irrigation system
  • Submersible pump
  • Media pulling hook
  • The appropriate number of wicking strips (2 per 5′ tower)
  • Miscellaneous hardware (Wall mounts, screws, control valve, zip ties, etc.)

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