Since the 1990s, Christopher LaRose has been perfecting a simple, optimal formula designed to produce ideal results in hydroponic crops at a minimal cost. The formula evolved in both typical hydroponic environments and more complex, controlled circumstances – the result is a broad-spectrum formula that allows hydroponic crops to thrive under an array of conditions. The cumulation of this research is VEG+BLOOM, the most advanced, economical, and outstanding hydroponic nutrient formula available. Overwhelmed by the results, he decided to share the formula with interested growers in 2010 and established Hydroponic Research, a formulator of hydroponic nutrients focused on rapidly maturing, oil-producing plants that generate a maximum yield at a minimum cost.

Growing up in Escondido, California in a humble home that sat on a plot of highly fertile land, Christopher began developing an interest in agriculture at a young age. His father taught him how to care for a variety of plants such as peppers, oranges, peaches, tomatoes, lettuce, roses, avocados, pears, and kiwis. As a young adult, he became fascinated with botany and soil chemistry and began experimenting with hydroponic gardening, absorbing as much information as possible from interactions with other hydroponic farmers, books, and other resources. Frustrated by the absence of an all-phase hydroponic nutrient that could provide all necessary nutrients throughout the life cycle of a plant, he set out to generate an easy-to-use, yet powerful formula that complimented both tap water and reverse osmosis (RO) water sources. Encouraged by growers who were astounded by the performance of his formula, Christopher finally decided to make his premium hydroponic nutrient, and outstanding solution, available to hydroponic farmers throughout the United States.

In 2010, Christopher set up a laboratory and warehouse space in San Diego and began conducting experiments to perfect Hydroponic Research’s VEG+BLOOM formula. Sharing it and demonstrating it among other hydroponic gardeners, the formula reached a stage of maturity in 2011 and became available to interested buyers. Realizing that there is still room for growth in hydroponic gardening, Hydroponic Research continues to innovate and experiment with new hydroponic solutions in their San Diego laboratories.

We supply and develop products that promote the growth of healthy hydroponic plants. Plants obtain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen from the air and water, however other nutrients are necessary for plant growth. Mineral nutrients must be added during the entire lifespan of the plant to ensure healthy growth. With the right nutrition, hydroponic plants grow up to 30 – 50 percent faster than they do in soil.

We got it right. Our VEG+BLOOM formula provides a simple, easy and complete solution for growing abundant, aromatic, and lush plants.

  • Simple: We’ve made it so the science of the product is transparent and its value uncompromised
  • Easy: Just pour it in and it provides better results than competing products combined.
  • Complete: You don’t need more than one solution.VEG+BLOOM is combined into one rather than separate.

Our products are peerless. No other company offers as comprehensive a solution.

  • VEG+BLOOM is for the entire lifespan of the plant. (Others have to use several different products)
  • VEG+BLOOM is a powder (Others are provided in a heavy liquid)
  • Less expensive to ship
  • Concentrated
  • VEG+BLOOM offers unique supplements with an exclusive blend to help stimulate and maintain healthy growth.

HYDROPONIC RESEARCH will continue to cement its reputation for providing an advanced formula of hydroponic growing products. HYDROPONIC RESEARCH will become as pervasive in the hydroponic space as other brands have become in the soil fertilizer community. The products will build upon its reputation as a better and faster nutrient company

Will I need to pH the water after adding VEG+BLOOM?

How pH stable is VEG+BLOOM?VEG+BLOOM makes pH easy. Simply dissolve the amount needed into your final volume of water and check your pH. VEG+BLOOM is blended to reduce your pH to a working range of 5.6-6.5.

Can I use VEG+BLOOM with Coco? What about DWC?

We have a VEG+BLOOM for all growing media. VEG+BLOOM is designed to produce the most possible from your plants in whatever you decide to grow in.

How is it possible that a one-part dry powder is as good as multi-part nutrient lines?

Through a proprietary process of blending dry pure minerals we are able to deliver an oxygen rich blend of nutrients to your garden without the water that is used in other nutrient lines. When you dissolve VEG+BLOOM into water, that solution now contains all the essential nutrients for maximum growth potential.

Can I use additives with VEG+BLOOM?

Absolutely. VEG+BLOOM is compatible with all hydroponic nutrient additives. Just remember to reduce the strength of VEG+BLOOM if the additives contain NPK.

I thought multi-part nutrients were better than single-part nutrients? Why is VEG+BLOOM different?

VEG+BLOOM includes everything other multi-part liquid nutrient lines contain in a one part powder. VEG+BLOOM also includes what other nutrient companies sell as additives, such as aminos, silica, fulvic acid and several other bio-active growth stimulants, as a standard component at no additional cost.

Why does VEG+BLOOM costs almost as much as some liquid base nutrients?

VEG+BLOOM is a combo nutrient that contains not only N-P-K but refined additives such as Silica, Amino acids, fulvic acids, enzymes, etc. A more accurate comparison is to compare all the liquid additives that you use on top of your liquid base.

How is VEG+BLOOM different than other powder nutrients, that are less expensive?

VEG+BLOOM formulas include what other companies sell as additives as standard components in all of our blends. Silica, Amino acids, and fulvic acids come standard. Don’t confuse VEG+BLOOM with other less expensive  dry blends. Impurities are common in traditional agricultural fertilizers. VEG+BLOOM takes takes nutrients to another level incorporating food and pharmaceutical grade ingredients sourced for low heavy metal content. Cheap mineral salts lack the sophistication of VEG+BLOOM combo powders. They often contain impurities and other contaminants that will get in the way of refined nutrient uptake.

*See our FEEDING SCHEDULES page to learn more about nutrient feeding schedules & programs.

3 Replies to “VEG+BLOOM”

  1. Dennis says:

    Can I Use Veg&Bloom HD in a soil based medium…

    1. Yes, but it is recommended to use the “Dirty” formula when growing in a soilless medium.

  2. Phillip Reed says:

    I’ve tried fox farm, nectar for the gods and other liquid based nutrients and nothing is better than Veg +Bloom nothing. I use veg +bloom dirty because I grow in soil with mammoth p from seedlings to flower and my plants have never looked better

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