TrolMaster Controllers

Environmental Controllers & Automation Equipment

Made By Growers, For Growers.

These line of Environmental Controllers and Automation Equipment have been created for the indoor garden environments many growers find themselves in today. Whether it’s simply turning on and off a fan based on temperature, or controlling your entire irrigation system, TrolMaster has got you covered.

The first of their products we are looking at today is the Hydro-X, a complete environmental control station. Customers can add any array of sensors and controllers, such as Temperature and Humidity controlling, as well as Mini-Split RF controls and many others. Once these sensors are activated a signal is sent to a “piggy back” or “pass through” style system to turn the intended device on or off. The controllers can take the information, such as a high temperature and send an RF signal to a programmed Mini-Split A/C unit. These are just a few examples of what this, Hydro-X controller from TrolMaster can do.

The next product we are going to examine is the Aqua-X controller. This unit is the main controller of the Aqua-X irrigation control system. With the combination of pH Sensor and EC/Temp Sensor, Aqua-X can monitor the pH, EC and Temp levels of the nutrient. With the use of 110V control board and 24V control board, the system could manage up to 30 individual outputs for multiple watering schedules. With the innovative water detectors, the system could monitor each watering schedules with alerts for watering confirmation.

The last products we are going to look at today are the Belta-6, a Day / Night Humidity Controller with Remote Sensor and the Beta-8, a Digital CO2 PPM Controller.

The BETA-6 day/night humidity controller features a precision humidity sensor within a 16ft remote probe assembly. Simply plug in your humidity / dehumidify device to the power outlet on the bottom of the BETA-6. The user can select separate “day / night” humidity settings and the photocell built into the BETA-6 will automatically start controlling your device. (Settings from 20-90% rH) Either humidifiers or dehumidifiers can be controlled by the BETA-6.

The BETA-8 CO2 controller offers a precision CO2 NDIR sensor / controller in an affordable easy-to-use package. The BETA-8 features a high-quality remote CO2 sensor (with 16ft cable) and built-in photocell to automatically activate your supplemental CO2 system to maintain CO2 PPM levels only during daylight hours. The BETA-8 also has adjustable deadband and min-max recall. It also has a ‘fuzzy-logic’ feature which will more accurately control compressed CO2 systems.The CO2 sensor can be easily re-calibrated and will continue to operate accurately for many years.

If you have any questions or ideas for how TrolMaster to improve your garden, feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to get you an answer and help you find the best solution to help make your garden work for you.


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