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Improve crop quality and reach the top of the industry

What Do They Do?

Soil Doctor Consulting runs a consulting practice that goes deep into optimizing soil and crop nutrition. They operate much like a crop detective — using data, a collaborative observational process, a network of really smart people, and the first principles of soil science and plant physiology to solve problems and unlock hidden potential in any operation.

Soil Doctor Consulting will work with most crops but gravitate toward crops where quality matters: tree fruit, vegetables, berries, and grapes.

In-Depth Soil Audit

Soil, water, and plant testing is easiest and highest-ROI action you can take to improve crop health.

Yet the average soil test may not get you to where you need to go, and the value of the test is dependent on good interpretation.

I use a number of analytical tests to help unravel the complexity of soil and plant nutrition for your unique system that go far beyond a standard soil test.

If you haven’t worked with me before, this is an inexpensive and easy way to start.


Soil Doctor Consulting Options

  1. One-time mineral nutrition audit on your soil, water, or plant tissue/sap
  2. Ongoing Fertility Management
  3. Hourly Consulting: troubleshooting acute nutritional emergencies, soil health programs, on-site visits, and education.

Lab Tests + In-depth recommendations

Soil Audit: Analysis and Recommendations – $40

Step #1: Is always a Full Soil Audit. It includes all Logan Labs soil tests combined into one, with my analysis and recommendations. Results are usually returned within 24 hours of receiving test data during weekdays.

First, you provide me more information about your farm upon ordering.

Next, you will be emailed a pre-paid laboratory form and specific instructions on how to take a soil sample—there are a few critical details to follow in order to maximize the test’s accuracy.

If you already have a soil test report from Logan Labs, you will be directed to send it to me via email after ordering.

The lab will send me the results and I will complete the Soil Audit. The audit will provide you with actionable recommendations about your soil including:

  1. General Notes—notes on the general health of the soil, issues or bottlenecks, and solutions

  2. Mineral Analysis—visual analysis in graphical form

  3. Recommendations—organic mineral amendment recommendations

Order Soil Audit OR Logan Labs Test >

Laboratory Texture Analysis – $40

Step #2: Get a Textural Analysis alongside your Soil Audit if you’re growing in topsoil for more information about how to irrigate and manage in-season feeding.

Also known as a “Particle Size Analysis”, this test gives you the exact percentages of sand, silt, and clay.

Knowing this is critical for optimal irrigation management and in-season feeding.

Order Laboratory Texture Analysis >

Step #3: Get an Irrigation Water Analysis if you are using well water, or simply want more information about how your water will affect your fertility. Results are usually returned within 24 hours of receiving test data during weekdays.

The Water Analysis will provide you with actionable recommendations about your water including:

  1. General Notes—notes on the general quality and status of your irrigation water
  2. Mineral Analysis—mineral analysis with evaluation of mineral levels
  3. Recommendations—pH adjustment recommendations and other recommendations on how to balance water minerals

Upon ordering, you will be emailed specific instructions on how to take a water sample with a pre-paid submission sheet.

If you already have a water test, you will be directed to send it to me via email after ordering.

Compost Analysis – $70

Optional: Get a Compost Analysis on your local source of compost if you plan to use compost or castings in your soil.

Get a true compost nutrient analysis (different than a soil analysis!) with FREE video analysis.

Order Compost Analysis

Complete Fertility Management Package – $1100

This program goes far beyond balancing soil by continually analyzing the nutritional status of the plant and making adjustments through the season. Using precision plant testing, I help identify the physiological bottlenecks of the system that are creating yield loss, hidden hunger, quality decline, or excess pest and disease pressure.

I suggest getting a Full Soil Audit before beginning Fertility Monitoring with me.

Fertility Management Package Includes:

  1. 5 Pre-Paid Laboratory Plant Sap Tests

  2. 5 Pre-Paid Laboratory Saturated Paste Tests

  3. 1 Pre-Paid Laboratory Tissue Test

  4. Concise recommendations immediately after receiving lab results. 24-hour turnaround providing fertigation and foliar recommendations.

  5. In-depth Soil Dr. test interpretations with recommended adjustments to your fertility program. This will involve notes, education, phone calls, and recommendations to optimize your fertility plan.

  6. A season’s worth of data on how to improve your nutrition program.

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