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Build a Better Soil with  Recharge & Take the Guesswork Out of Gardening

A little Recharge, every time you water takes the guesswork out of gardening!

Recharge takes the guesswork (and gimmicks) out of gardening indoors or out! This  microbe superpack is loaded with goodies like Kelp and Molasses and designed for performance gardeners looking to grow high quality gardens without all the hassle of brewing compost teas.  A little Recharge each time you water makes growing quality plants simple.

Recharge works with any fertilizer, any brand, any type. Why? Because Recharge is not a fertilizer. Fertilizer feeds plants. Recharge is a soil amendment, and conditions the soils. Better soils grow better plants. Recharge uses billions of beneficial soil microbes and works with any fertilizer.

Recharge is undiluted, uncut and delivered at true professional strength concentrations. A little goes a long way (½ teaspoon per gallon with every watering does wonders!)


More Soil Nutrition=Stronger Growth = Better Quality

Want to make performance gardening simple? Use a little Recharge with every watering, and Stand back! We guarantee it.

Notice: This product is not yet registered in all States. Contact us to check your States status.

Size:  8 oz, 1 lb, 5 lbs

Contains: Loaded with Kelp, Molasses,Beneficial bacteria, plus Trichoderma and Mycorrhizae fungi

Guarantee: We Know You Will Love Recharge! 100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 Days.

A True Professional Strength product that can be used in any soil type.

RealGrowers promotes  Hi-Performance gardening both indoors and out. With over 20 years of experience, our goal is to provide performance driven growers with the information, products and expert support they need to have success in their gardens.

    • Complete Professional Strength Living Soil Superpack with Both Beneficial Bacteria and  Mycorrrhizae & Trichoderma fungi. 
    • Over 400 Million Beneficial Bacteria Per Gram by Far The Strongest Soil Beneficial Bacteria Superpack Anywhere!
    • Safe For All Gardening Styles and Media: Hydroponics, Soil, Soilless mixes, Coco Coir, and all in ground Home and landscape plantings. 
    • Concentrated. 1/2 Teaspoon per gallon is all you need.

Recharge is the most complete living soil Megapack on the market and designed for gardeners who want to make performance gardening simple. A True Professional Strength product that can be used on any plant in any soil type. Recharge is 100% Natural  and Organically Based.

Recharge is a Natural Soil Conditioner that enhances the quality of any crop, potted plant, lawn or landscape material.  If it grows in soil Recharge will grow it bigger, stronger and most importantly, the way nature intended. We’re getting these amazing growth rates out of  an organic base of natural plant nutrients like kelp which is a sustainable form of potassium and loaded with organic biostimulants, along with things like Amino Acids which are the building blocks of life and happen to be an amazing truly sustainable source of Nitrogen.

When blended with our own special sauce of beneficial soil biology (these are the natural living components of soil and the right soil microbes make all the difference between the richest organic soils and plain old dead dirt, I have personally seen it bring out next level colors, aromas and flavors and with Recharge as a once a week soil drench, I  have first hand, produced some seriously  mind blowing flowers.

In my home vegetable garden its all I use, and my yields and quality are out of this world. And thats because Recharge is not a chemical fertilizer, it’s actually powered by organic living soil microbes, not chemical salts.These tiny microbes are the living components of any healthy soil and without these microscopic living organisms you’ve just got dirt. Adding Recharge is a quick and easy way to build a better soil while increasing its ability to hold more water and nutrients right at the root zone. Exactly where the plant can use it! Expect stronger, faster that noindex-minw require a lot less fertilizer. Because the soil is holding a lot mire nutrition where the plants can use it.  Look over the past 12 years as a professional nurseryman Ive personally perfected this very special formulation of organic soil microbes and natural plant nutrients into the ultimate natural soil conditioner. the stuff even smells good!

Recharge contains both mycorrhizae and trichoderma fungi as well as a range of bacteria species. The Mycorrhizae fungi grow to naturally protect the plant while delivering water and nutrients to the root system. The trichoderma species of fungi in Recharge have been selected because of their high tolerance to chemical fertilizers. These trichoderma species are aggressive decomposers and break down organic matter within the soil and make it available to the plant. But the star of Recharge is the Beneficial Bacteria. Bacillus subspecies act as billions of stomachs, digesting and converting soil matter into natures perfect slow release plant food. We supercharge our Recharge with high quality Ascophyllum nodosum Kelp extract and provide an unsulfured blackstrap molasses as a food source. The results are outstanding. Use Recharge once a week to keep your plants looking outstanding while improving important attributes of quality and flavor in many crops.

20 Replies to “Recharge”

  1. I need recharge wholesale for a 30 acre project

    1. At one(1) gallon per square foot, with a dilution ratio of roughly one-half(.5) teaspoon per gallon of water, you would need to dilute roughly twenty-five(25) pounds of Recharge into roughly twenty-thousand(20,000) gallons of water to cover 1 acre. Even if you only apply one-half of one gallon per square foot, you would need roughly three-hundred-and-sixty(360) pounds of Recharge to dilute into roughly one-hundred-and-sixty-thousand(160,000) gallons of water.

      I would honestly look into No-Till Gardening before i looked at purchasing a two(2) cubic yard tote of Recharge. Visit Build-a-Soil on their website or Instagram and see if their sustainable and organic practices don’t make more since. No-Till might be a little different than you are used to, but i think it will lead to a healthier soil biology over all. Let us know if you have any question or want to know more about what it takes to feed a No-Till garden.

      Thank you for your question.
      -Aggressive Garden

  2. Tim Kennedy says:

    Does chlorine in water effect recharges efficacy ?

    1. Yes, but the amount of chlorine will determine how many of the microbes this will have an effect on. Typically, Chlorine evaporates if left out for 24 hours, Chloramine does not, and must be removed via specific filter. Please consult your water district and/or city provider to confirm the sanitizing chemicals and the levels used in your area. “When in doubt, filter it out.”

  3. Christopher says:

    Is there a feeding schedule you can pass along from just rooted clones and seeds, through flower.

    1. With recharge 1 tsp seems good to all stages of plant growth.

  4. francois says:

    can i use it with a drip emitter system ? i guess it will clog the drippers but who knows

    1. It is not recommended to use Recharge in a drip system. If you do it is recommended to use a inline filter and clean it immediately after feeding any product like recharge through a drip system/manifold. Some growers have administered it separately via water hose as to not clog drip lines.

  5. Ryan J Jackson says:

    Do I need to PH my water? If so do I PH before or after I add the Recharge?

    1. No, you do not need to pH your water. When adding recharge I typically do not adjust the pH, as the microbes can be sensitive to the ingredients in pH Up & Down. When mixing normal base nutrients and additives you would adjust the pH after adding all of your nutrients.

  6. Triniguerilla says:

    I’m doing an indoor garden in the Caribbean with promix alone and the ph in our water is really a bit high and I don’t want to shock my plants by giving them a 7.8ph when they’ve been usually getting 6.1. Should I maybe use lemon juice as an organic way to bring the ph down so none of the microbes would be affected? Or is it the level of acidity what would obstruct the microbes itself?

    1. Lemon Juice or Vinegar would work, but if you need alot that can be an issue. The amounts needed to lower the pH to 6.0 will vary based on the product and by the PPM of the solution you are adding it to. A pH of 7.8 isn’t that bad if the PPM’s are below 200.

  7. robert hughes says:

    the bag i just got says 1/2 teas per 2.5gals ????

    1. I’m not aware of any dosing changes, but we have used it at any where from 1/4tsp to 1 tsp per gallon in our soilless container garden with no issues.

  8. Ryan Jackson says:

    Should be 1/2 a teaspoon to a gallon. There’s nothing in there that should burn your plants. Essentially, there’s no reason to go over the recommended dose, as there’s no added benefit to doing so, and therefore a waste of the product.

  9. Greg says:

    We are trying re-charge for the first time and we are very excited.

  10. Phil D Albright says:

    If you’re growing with organic dry amendments and just using plan water for your plants do you PH your water before or after adding Recharge?

    1. I typically never pH my water, it is either RO or, more often than not, just dechlorinated water (VIA sediment filter and carbon filter).

      The pH of your inputs seems to mean less and less as you use more and more organic fertilizer and amendments.

  11. Want to know application settings for a lawn sprayer for lawn, it says tsp for 1 gallon water, what do you set on sprayer settings?

    1. Not sure about this one. You could make a concentrate with 1 TBPS and water in the sprayer hopper, and set the sprayer to 1 tsp – 1 TBSP. Test this first but at the least you’d be going lighter rather than heavier.

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