Worms: European Nightcrawlers

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Worms: European Nightcrawlers

European Nightcrawler Worm orders must be in by Friday at 2 p.m. MTN to be shipped the coming Monday and Tuesday. Worm orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be pushed out to the following Monday.

Notice: Worms are unable to be shipped to Hawaii.

Will the worms survive in transit?

All worm orders are sent out the following Monday or Tuesday after your order is placed to ensure the safety of the worms. (Orders must be in by Friday by 3pm MTN)

Worms ship with USPS 2-3 day priority mail, this is so worms will not be in transit very long. When purchasing worms please make sure to provide us with a USPS address. Worms are shipped Monday or Tuesday to ensure delivery before Sunday so they don’t sit in the mail all weekend. We have a high success rate for worms arriving at their destination alive and well. Please contact us within 24 hours of delivery with any problems.

If you suspect your worms may have arrived damaged or appear to be dead, please provide photos and contact support@buildasoil.com.
Our supplier cannot guarantee live arrival above 90 degrees. we will contact you with the option to ship non-guaranteed or to wait until temperatures cool.

How do I track my worms?

Due to worms being shipped Monday or Tuesday, tracking will be provided Wednesday. European Nightcrawlers are harvested on Mondays for Monday or Tuesday shipping. In the US, delivery is normally 2-3 days(90% chance of Wednesday thru Friday arrival). In Canada, the worms are usually held in customs for 5-20 days. Total delivery time for a Canadian order is usually 8-30 days. We ask that all orders are turned in by Saturday evening so we can plan the week. If you know you will need a bulk order for yourself, please turn it in by Wednesday for Friday shipping. Emergency orders are filled if possible. Normally, an order turned in after the cutoff would be expected to ship the following week. We ask that you can confirm there will be someone at the shipping address to receive the worms. If the customer cannot be at the address to receive the worms, just let us know at support@buildasoil.com and we will write, “HOLD AT POST OFFICE FOR CUSTOMER PICKUP”. Customers are expected to pick up their worms within 24 hours. This has worked very well in keeping our loss rate very, very low. Live arrival guarantee is void on all orders not received on the first delivery attempt, or not picked up from the post office within 24 hours. When temperatures are above 90 degrees at the receiving location, we are likely to delay shipment until the weather cools. This is for the safety of the worms, and customers always prefer a slight delay vs. receiving a box of goo. In these instances, we will give you notice on Sunday or Monday. Same applies when shipping to areas below 32 degrees F. Guaranteed live arrival in the US. For Canada shipments, we can only guarantee them to the border. Once they get into the hands of an inspector, we’ve lost control of the shipment. We’ve shipped hundreds of orders to Canada and have lost only one box of worms.
Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Do I need to be home when my package arrives?

It is best to be home when the package arrives however, you don’t need to be there. We can have the package held at Post Office if you want. It is recommend during the winter and summer so the worms will be alive when you get home. You may leave delivery instructions within your order notes.

Using a Worm Inn?

We recommend starting with at least 2 lbs of worms for the Standard Worm Inn and at least 4lbs of worms for the Mega Worm Inn.

Looking for Red Wigglers?

You can find them here: Red Wigglers

Working with Worms.

We work with multiple worm growers to make sure we always have a constant supply. This means they are shipped from alternate locations according to our standards. Occasionally there will be a shortage of certain worms throughout the year or limited availability depending on weather. It is very rare that we run out of inventory but in that case we will communicate with you on how long the delay will be or we can provide you with an immediate refund. Let us know if you have any questions.


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