VermiBlend Premium Soil


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VermiBlend Premium Soil


Premium Soil Amendment

A rich blend of compost, earthworm castings, humus, kelp and mycorrhizal fungi will help you grow a lush bountiful organic garden.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Optimizes soil for plant vigor
  • Increases moisture control
  • Re-energize depleted soils

For Best Results One (1) Bag of VermiBlend™ will Amend 5 cubic feet of potting soil.


  • For vegetable, flower gardens and all purpose applications- Apply at a rate of 1 bag of VermiBlend™ Premium Soil Amendment to a 5’x 5’ area or a 1/2” ground cover to new or depleted flower bed. NOTE: Mix into soil well.
  • For planting mix and potting soil-Add VermiBlend™ Premium Soil Amendment at a Rate of 15% (approximately 1 bag VermiBlend to 5 cubic feet of soil).
  • For soilless gardening- Add VermiBlend™ Premium Soil Amendment at a rate of 10% (approximately 1 bag VermiBlend™ to 9 cubic feet of soilless medium)
  • For trees and shrubs or established plants- Apply VermiBlend™ Premium Soil Amendment as a ½” top dressing around the base of the plant; work into soil and water.
  • Storage Conditions- Product can be stored in a cool, dry area (less than 140F) for 24 months without loss of viability. Storage conditions and viability only applies to the Non-Plant Food ingredients. (38.6 Dry Quarts)

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Vermicrop™ VermiBlend™ Premium Soil Amendment 1 cu ft

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Vermicrop™ Organics VermiBlend™ Premium Soil Amendment was created for the organic gardener. VermiBlend™ Premium Soil Amendment has a unique blend of earthworm castings, compost, fossilized kelp, humus, rock minerals and mycorrhizae to provide ample amounts of micro nutrients, trace minerals and beneficial microbes.

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