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Ultrasonic Mist Maker


Ultrasonic Mist Maker


When you buy an Ultrasonic Mist Maker you’ll get everything you need to get started. We don’t charge extra for the float, and we even throw in a full set of our customr, High Output, Teflon Coated, replacement discs! We know you need your fog fast, so we do our best to ship within 1-2 business days via FREE 2-3 priority mail. We also ship in discreet packaging.

You won’t find a higher quality mist maker on the market than right here! We have spent nearly a decade improving common problems like removing the LED’s to prevent leaking internally. Upgrading internal components to prevent failures, and creating high output, longer lasting discs, to get you the most mist for your money.

Each unit also includes a flotation device and power cord.

The 3-12 disc units can have their output adjusted with a standard speed controller or voltage regulator.

Sentinel BHC-1a – Basic Humidity Controller


What size Ultrasonic Mist Maker do I need for my greenhouse or grow room?

This is our most common question… and this is the response you’ll get from us when you email. If you still need help choosing a size, please email us after reading through this carefully… When emailing, let me know you read this, and include the size of your room, what the room is made out of (drywall, cement, plastic), air exchange level, ambient humidity, target humidity

Choosing the right size Mist Maker depends on a few different things:
ambient humidity, target humidity, air exchange, and the type of material your room is constructed of all plays a part.

A lower ambient humidity will increase the need for more discs, as well as a higher target humidity. The amount of air exchange you have will play the biggest part in deciding which size you need. If you are constantly bringing in new air, you have to work much harder to bring up the humidity. Rooms constructed of concrete tend to absorb moisture for quite some time before leveling out. This can increase your need for a bigger Mist Maker as well.

With low/no air exchange, a smaller unit can be used. It may take longer to reach your target humidity level, but as long as drier areas not being introduced to the room, a smaller unit will suffice.

With that said, I typically recommend a larger unit such as a 6 to 12 disc Mist Maker for larger area’s like shipping containers and green houses. It is better to have a capable unit that runs much less, than a inadequate unit that has to run 24/7. Mist Maker’s can heat the water that they are operating in, and heat can damage electronics. Very long run times in small amounts of water can push the max operating water temperature of 105°F. It’s better to have a unit that runs for an hour on/hour off than 8 on, one off.

For example, in a 4×6′ growing tent with no/low air exchange, I’d probably use a single disc mister to achieve up to 100% humidity.

A 10×10 room with high air exchange, a/c, and lighting would probably need a 6 disc unit at least, but could use a 12 disc as well, it just won’t at 100%.

A 40′ shipping container with low/ moderate air exchange would probably need a 12 disc, or two 6 disc units.

If my projects life depended on the humidity, I’d use two units running at half the time. That way you have some redundancy in case of a problem

There are so many variables that it’s hard to actually say with certainty what you need. Most online charts don’t take 90% of the factors into account. Hence why so many of my customers have already purchased, and came up short on the store bought units.

How do I control my output/ what all do I need to buy?

The normal kit alone will get you started, but there are different options for controlling the output of your Mist Maker.

​ We offer fog output controllers to turn the fog level up and down, as well as humidistats.  Humidistats will automatically control your humidity within 3% of your target level. The machine automatically turns The Mist Maker’s power on and off when needed.

For most humidification projects, it is recommended that you use our 120 mm, fully encased, waterproof fan in order to efficiently push the fog out into the room. Our smaller 80 mm fan is geared towards small applications like tanks, and grow tents.

How long can I run a mist maker?

​Max recommended run time is 8 hours on, 1 hour off. However the run time is largely dependant on the water temperature. 105F is the max water temp. You need to keep it under this temperature, whether it is through shorter run times, or more water in the container that it is running in. For example, if you put a 12 disc water fogger in 100 gallons of water, you could run it 24/7, but if you put it in 5 gallons of water, you would need to shorten the run time to probably 2 hours, or risk exceeding the max temp which will shorten the lifespan dramatically.
How does a Ultrasonic Mist Maker work?
House of Hydro ultrasonic water foggers use high output ceramic discs, not the slow speed metal discs that collect buildup. The ceramic discs vibrate at an ultrasonic frequency to silently create microscopic (< 5 micron) water droplets. Ultrasonic humidifiers make a cool fog that is great for reptiles, greenhouses, and home humidification. Mist Makers use a piezoelectric transducer for a high frequency mechanical oscillation just below the surface of the water. This vibration creates a very fine, very dry fog that is instantly evaporated into the air. Water foggers do not use dry ice, fog liquid, heat, chemicals.

Are Mist Makers safe?

Yes, they can be placed just about anywhere. The fog is dry so it can be used around electrical appliances and animals.

Do not touch the discs while the unit is in operation. The ultrasonic vibrations from the fogger hurt! Touching the disc while it’s running will feel almost like a shock or burn that you can feel all the way to the bone. I know, I’ve tried.

How do I make a home, or greenhouse humidifier?

How much water does my Mist Maker need to run?

There is a rubber black piece on the pond fogger that is a low-water sensor. This must be almost completely submerged to operate. The optimum operating depth is between 60 ml and 80 ml. The pond fogger must be kept near the surface of the water for proper operation. The included float will help keep the Mist Maker at the proper level.

How do I clean Mist Makers discs?

Take the disc key that you received free with your order with the replacement discs.
Unscrew the silver retaining rings.
Remove the white disc by popping it out with a soft instrument.
Soak the discs in a small jar of white vinegar for a few hours and then wipe them clean!

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