Soil & Plant Energy


Soil & Plant Energy


Application Rates:

  • Foliar spraying: 2–4 oz per gal of water, or by 1,000 sq ft; 8–12 oz mixed with sufficient water.
  • Foliar: Re-apply every 2–12 weeks depending on needs. Spray to the point of heavy drip.
  • As a root stimulation or soil drench: 2–4 oz per gal of water. Soak roots well.
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MicroLife Soil and Plant Energy

Incredible Liquid Concentrate that Powers Up all Soils & Plants

  • Superb Bio-Stimulant, Mineralizer, Food for Microbes and New Root Grower all in one
  • Use as a foliar spray or soil drench to quickly improve all soils and plants
  • Outstanding food for soil and leaf microbes
  • Provides over 63 minerals
  • Compliments any fertilizer program
  • Will not burn and is completely safe for all beneficial life forms

Size Avaliable

  • Quart

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