Soil A & B



Soil A & B


Ingredients: Calcium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, nitric acid, potassium hydroxide, phosphoric acid anhydride and magnesium sulfate.

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House & Garden – Soil A & B

A superior 2-part base nutrient. House & Garden Soil ensures that soil growing medium and nutrients are used to their full advantage. This gives the plant optimal strength during the growth and flowering periods. Never before have nutrients and soil been so well attuned.

Soil Nutrient contains calcium and is intended for gardens that do not contain lime. The special formulation keeps the nutrient solution fresh and pure, helping to prevent salt buildup and nutrient lockout. All ingredients and additives are made with pharmaceutical and/ or food grade ingredients in small batches to ensure a consistent quality and experience.

House & Garden Soil is a complete fertilizer containing all the macro/ micro nutrients required by plants. Application rates will vary throughout a plants’ life cycle (see feeding chart).

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1L A, 1L B, 5L A, 5L B, 1L A&B, 5L A&B


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