ReadyGro – Moisture


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ReadyGro – Moisture


Readygro Moisture is a blend of our premium Cocogro coir (80%), perlite (20%), and natural and organic-based ingredients. This combination provides plants with more moisture retention for less frequent waterings. Our coir base provides high cation exchange and superior moisture retention. Natural and organic-based inputs deliver trace minerals that help your roots uptake nutrients.

  • Moisture retentive for hand watering programs or automated feed programs
  • Very low salt content
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor plants
  • Natural and organic-based inputs for improved fertility
  • High cation exchange rate which is essential to the media’s ability to hold nutrients
  • Hydrated with yucca extract as a natural wetting agent
  • Soilless media may require fertilization from transplant

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Botanicare ReadyGro Moisture Formula 1.5 cu ft

ReadyGro™ Aeration Formula is specifically designed for automated hydrogardens and self-watering planters with small to midsize plants. This blend is lighter and contains higher air content than the moisture formula. The ReadyGro™ Moisture Formula (1 to 2 waterings daily) is specifically designed for hand-watering, automated pots and planters with large plants. This formula contains more coir fiber and pumice stones. This formula will give plants enhanced moisture content for longer duration in between feeding and help anchor large plants.

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