BuildASoil Per Acre Hemp Pallet


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BuildASoil Per Acre Hemp Pallet


New Improved Formulas for 2020 

NOTICE: Pre Buy Special Pricing includes 1 Free Soil Test + Recommendation and the Discounted price you see below. 

Product Starts Shipping March 1st 2020 and after that date the prices go up to full price and no more free soil testing.

Use this Feed Plan  + Soil, Water and Sap testing and you will have a productive and healthy season.

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Each Per Acre Hemp Pallet has NPK, Micro-Nutrients, Calcium and Biology all covered multiple ways. The Basic is the most cost effective and the Pro is focused on increased fertility for increase yield and the premium biology to go with.

1. Properly Balanced Ratios For Ease Of Mixing (Liquids and Powders)

2. Each hemp pallet has ingredients that cover all major categories and are all compatible with drip irrigation.

3. Each Hemp Pallet comes with soil testing and SAP analysis Testing to make sure the farm gets exactly what it needs.

4. All Clean Products suitable for natural and organic growing style.

5. Detailed Per Acre Instructions and Feed Chart

6. Mixing Instructions for optimal deployment on acreage.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

1 Acre (Basic), 1 Acre (Pro), 5 Acre (Basic), 5 Acre (Pro)


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