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Open Sesame


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Open Sesame

For Early Flowering Stage

( 5 – 45 – 19 )

Open Sesame® is a pH balanced blend of extra strength nutrients specifically designed for use during early flowering and ripening in fruits, buds, and flowers. With Open Sesame® you can look for enhanced flower size and multiple bud development. Use in soilless mixes, ordinary garden soils, hydroponics, and aeroponic systems. Open Sesame® is a high-phosphorus soluble fertilizer that’s designed to bring plants into bloom on command. Just say the magic words!

Open Sesame® provides the optimal level of nutrition with minimal salts and other residue buildups. Whether you’re growing in hydroponic systems, containers, or gardening in ordinary soil, Open Sesame® will go right to work at the root zone and deliver targeted nutrients when the plants need them the most.

For optimum results, start indoor plants in FoxFarm’s Happy Frog Potting Soil, or use premium Ocean Forest® Potting Soil for container plants. Once buds have formed, help your plant produce awesome flowers by switching to Beastie Bloomz®.


For best results refer to the FoxFarm Feeding Schedule on our Feeding Schedules page.


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