NetBow Drip Ring


NetBow Drip Ring


NetBow™ is an innovative, user friendly container irrigation ring with multi-outlet emitters. Featuring Typhoon™, our superior clog resistant emitter for maximum water distribution. Specially designed for irrigating containerized crops.

With NetBow, roots develop in every square inch of the container including the top layer, where root development is critical, ensuring your crops reach their full growth potential and guarantees better ROI.


Main benefits of NetBow:

Uniform water distribution

  • Top to bottom with no blind spots, thanks to surface 8 dripping outlets.

High Clogging Resistance

  • NetBow features 8 of Netafim’s high clogging-resistance Typhoon drippers that guarantees lower risk of clogging.

User-friendly device

  • Simplifies installation and operation. With NetBow it is easy to install and connect to micro-tubes, placement in the container is comfortable and tidy.

Diverse hub drippers

  • Options for connecting to diverse hub drippers like PCJ, OC, Uniram with Dr.Zip.

What value do I get from NetBow™?

  • Uniform growth
  • Optimal root zone development
  • Less diseases
  • Reduced labor
  • Better ROI (maximized profit)


  • Compatible with 5-10 gallon (20-40 liters) containers
  • Diameter: 10 inches (250 mm)
  • Flow Rate: 8 emitter outlets with a flow of 0.53 GPH (2.0 l/h)
    each at 14.5 psi (1.0 bar)
  • The flow from each emitter outlet will be determined by the hub dripper, based on the pressure developed in the NetBow inlet
  • Chemical and UV resistance for extended durability
  • Light gray color for improved light reflection



Additional information

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5", 10"


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