+LIFE is a blend of bacteria and fungi concentrated for maximum effectiveness. Use +LIFE with all VEG+BLOOM formulas for incredible plants.

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from Hydroponic Research

+LIFE is a blend of bacteria and fungi wrapped in amino acids, packed with vitamins and natural growth hormones, and concentrated for maximum effectiveness. + LIFE probiotic powder is all you need to ensure your roots stay strong and healthy and your flowers oozing with nectar. Use + LIFE with all VEG+BLOOM formulas for incredible herbs. MICRO-ORGANISMS Complete Microbial inoculant puts the power of life into your growing media. Built to enhance the effect of all formulas of VEG+BLOOM and SHINE POTENT +LIFE contains bacteria and fungi species selected for tolerance to fertilizers. Built in food supply ensure rapid colonization of roots. INSURANCE +LIFE not only stimulates new root growth but protects existing roots by increasing enzyme production.

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100g, 1lb, 1Kg, 5lb


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