Leader Ecotronic 230 1/2 HP Multistage


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Leader Ecotronic 230 1/2 HP Multistage


HP Watts Volts Frequency Max Flow Max Head Max PSI Suction Discharge
1/2 800 115 60 27gpm 118ft 52 1″ 1″
High reliable self priming 1/2Hp Horizontal Multistage with 2 impellers, fitted with the HYDROTRONIC Electronic control system to allow the automatic operation of the pump and prevent it from dry-running, for supplying water for domestic and irrigation applications
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Leader Ecotronic Booster Pumps

Highly reliable electronic booster sets for supplying water for domestic applications. Equipped with an electronic safety device that protects the pump from dry-running. Built-in non return valve. Designed to automatically start and stop the pump when taps are open or closed. Automatic and manual reset. These type of pumps give a constant pressure and flow rate so they are excellent for irrigation systems. Anticorrosive and rustproof materials. Motor with thermic overload protection.

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Weight 25.65 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 11 × 18 in


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