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Enzymes Komplete


Enzymes Komplete


Measure well & accurately with a basic medical syringe or dropper.

Mixed with Water in the rate of :

2Mil. of Enzymes Komplete™ per 1liter of water | 8ml per 1US Gallon for all Gardening Cleaning & Cleansing Procedures.

*Often 1ml of Enzymes Komplete™ per 1liter of water/4ml per 1US Gallon well be sufficient.

3Mil. of Enzymes Komplete™ per 1liter of water | 12ml per 1US Gallon for all Extra Heavy Gardening Cleaning & Cleansing Procedures.

4Mil. of Enzymes Komplete™ per 1Liter of water| 16ml per 1US Gallon for all Gardening Mediums , Surfaces & Compost Enclosures.

Recommended use for the best results to keep Watering Systems Clean with Every Watering Procedure.


The leading Enzyme in the Horticultural world. Use it on plants, pots, plastics, and so much more.

Recommended use:

  • All growing media (rockwool, coco fibre, soilless and others)
  • Water reservoirs, watering tools, watering and hydroponic systems, water equipment, gardening tools, machinery, greenhouses, working surfaces, etc.
  • Soilless  media / seedling trays
  • Cutting / media preparation
  • Foliar equipment cleanse/rinse/wash
  • For compost enclosure treatment

Good to know:

  • Measure accurately because Enzymes Komplete™ is very concentrated and economical to use
  • Use clean measuring devices such as a syringe or pipette/dropper
  • Recommended storage for maximum potency: store away from direct sun and heat in a cool, dry place with temperature not exceeding 50 Celsius/122 Fahrenheit. Refrigeration is welcome and freezing is tolerable but not for a long time
  • Read and follow all label instructions and recommendations
  • Discard leftovers of unused mix right away (a few hours won’t pose a problem)
  • Fresh mix is always the best and most potent

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