Enzymes Komplete Natural Cleaner


Enzymes Komplete Natural Cleaner


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Direction for use:

  • 1 – 2 mL of Enzymes Komplete™ per Gallon when adding to Nutrient Solution.

*Often 1ml of Enzymes Komplete™ per Gallon well be sufficient.

  • 4 – 5 mL of Enzymes Komplete™ per Gallon when controlling a Gnat Infestation.
  • 10 – 15 mL of Enzymes Komplete™ per Gallon for all Extra Heavy Gardening Cleaning, Growing Mediums, & Surfaces.

Recommended use for the best results to keep Watering Systems Clean with Every Watering Procedure.

*Measure well & accurately with a basic medical syringe or dropper.

The leading Enzyme in the Horticultural world. Use it on plants, pots, plastics, and so much more.

Recommended use:

  • All growing media (rockwool, coco fibre, soilless and others)
  • Water reservoirs, watering tools, watering and hydroponic systems, water equipment, gardening tools, machinery, greenhouses, working surfaces, etc.
  • Soilless  media / seedling trays
  • Cutting / media preparation
  • Foliar equipment cleanse/rinse/wash
  • For compost enclosure treatment

Good to know:

  • Measure accurately because Enzymes Komplete™ is very concentrated and economical to use
  • Use clean measuring devices such as a syringe or pipette/dropper
  • Recommended storage for maximum potency: store away from direct sun and heat in a cool, dry place with temperature not exceeding 50 Celsius/122 Fahrenheit. Refrigeration is welcome and freezing is tolerable but not for a long time
  • Read and follow all label instructions and recommendations
  • Discard leftovers of unused mix right away (a few hours won’t pose a problem)
  • Fresh mix is always the best and most potent

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