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Cloud Coir



  • Fill your container you wish to use with Coco Coir.
  • Transplant into Coco Coir and water with ph balanced water (5.8 to 6.5) and your nutrient regiment untill run off is visible.
  • Use your recommended nutrient regiment every time feeding is necessary to avoid deficiencies.
  • A CaMg supplement is recommended for this product.


  • 50% Coco Coir
  • 50% Perlite

*After further investigation the content of Cloud Coir seem to be more like a 80% Coco Coir to 20% Perlite blend.  So this may vary from batch to batch.

Out of stock

Cloud Coir is a ready to grow RHP certified blended coco coir and perlite medium. One of the most important elements a plant needs to grow is oxygen at the root zone. Cloud Coir is a 50/50 blend of perlite and coco coir.  Cloud Coir is the perfect ratio for roots to thrive and not become over saturated allowing for better nutrient uptake more frequently. Cloud Coir has received RHP certification from Holland. This assures our customers that Cloud Coir is made using the highest standards in the industry.

  • 50/50 Coir and Perlite
  • Buffered
  • EC less than 0.6
  • Triple Washed to remove Salts
  • PH Stabilized at 6%-6.5%
  • High Cation Exchange Capacity
  • RHP Certified for Horticulture
  • 50 Liter  / 1.75 cuft

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