BuildASoil Horticultural Aloe



BuildASoil Horticultural Aloe


For 100 grams of Aloe: 1 gallon water=3.78 liters

Solution 4% – For 100 grams Aloe mixed with 33.25 gallons of water=125.86 liters of water

Solution 6% – For 100 grams Aloe mixed with 24.75 gallons of water=93.68 liters of water

Solution 8% – For 100 grams Aloe mixed with 16.50 gallons of water=62.45 liters of water


Water Dilution Rates

Tank Size 4% Aloe 6% Aloe 8% Aloe
14 Liter Gram Gram Gram
1 11.14 14.96 22.45
2 22.28 29.93 44.89
3 33.42 44.89 67.34
4 44.56 59.86 89.79
5 55.69 74.82 112.23
6 56.83 89.79 134.68
7 77.97 104.75 157.13
8 89.11 119.72 179.57
9 100.25 134.68 202.02
10 111.39 149.64 224.47
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Horticultural Aloe

Key Points:

  1. Protecting all trees and plants from insects, mold, yeasts, as well as bacterial and viral pathogens.
  2. The Lignin’s in Aloe Vera allow the plants to utilize the nutrient and moisture supply more efficiently with less stress on the plant.
  3. Plants grow healthier, larger and greener due to the plants ability to better use the UV rays from the sun allowing photosynthesis to take place more efficiently.
  4. Does not alter the genetic makeup of the plant
  5. Repels pests and does not kill bees and beneficial insects.
  6. Organically grown product.
  7. Proven and documented by Texas A&M.

–> 1 Ounce makes 10-25 Gallons of Potent Foliar Spray.

The new aloe vera stabilization process is critical to obtain the result listed here. The first patent I was awarded was the hand filleted method. The rind was discarded and only the fillet was used. After 38 years it was discovered that a large percentage of the actives in the aloe vera plant were being thrown away with the rind. In 1962 I developed and patented the whole leaf method to stabilize the gel. Clinical studies showed this process to be superior to the hand filleted method of processing.

In 1984, I received a third patent to process aloe vera to create a product to stimulate plant growth by processing the aloe vera leaves differently. It should be noted that this whole leaf aloe vera product can not be consumed orally. It is for plants only.

It is hoped that this background information assists you in becoming more knowledgeable about our company and the benefits that can be derived from the use of our aloe product.

It is important that workers wear rubber gloves when handling the freeze dried powder and the concentrated liquid made from the powder due to the laxative effect. It is not necessary once the product is diluted to a solution.

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