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Bud Candy FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Upcoming Bud Candy Organic Formula Work Well If I Am Using Synthetic Nutrients?

Yes, Bud Candy is 100% organic so it fits perfectly with an organic program. It also powers your flowers when you are using synthetic nutrients.

Should I Keep Using Big Bud And Carboload To Get Bigger Flowers While Using Bud Candy?

Our bloom system combines Big Bud and Bud Candy during a specific period of time in bloom phase because the two formulas complement each other for increased size and quality. Bud Candy contains the powerful sugars that CarboLoad contains, so you save money by not having to use CarboLoad. You’ll see maxed floral growth using these two formulas together.

Can I Use Bud Candy As A Foliar Spray?

NO, Bud Candy is a root zone formula that enhances roots and is quickly absorbed through them to create bigger [yields]. It’s not designed as a foliar spray.

Feed Sugars, Aminos And Vitamins To Your Plants

Not Just Any Carbohydrates, But The Right Ones For Your Plants

Carboloading your plants requires a specialty formula. In actuality, your plants best absorb simple or complex carbohydrates when they are present as Arabinose, Dextrose, Glucose, Maltose and Xylose from Raw Cane Extract, Malt Extract, Cranberry Extract and other premium carbohydrate sources.

Not only does this end mid-bloom slump but these materials fuel beneficial bacteria and fungi in your root zone.

When you’ve installed beneficial bacteria and fungi in your root zone, they thrive best when they have externally-provided carbos to feed on.

Beneficial bacteria and fungi increase root mass, increase nutrient absorption, protect roots, and produce hormones that stimulate floral size, potency and value.

So now that you’ve seen how to use the right kinds of carbos to provide energy and root enhancement, what else can you do to create gourmet flowers with enhanced taste, size, potency, and aroma?

As it turns out, by providing the list of carbo sources we just discussed, you’re also enhancing the taste and aroma of your plants.

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