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Oregon’s Only Organics understands that Nectar For the Gods is not for everyone. It takes a gardener with the special passion and desire to produce the highest quality fruits and vegetables to use this line of nutrients. Nectar For the Gods will never claim the highest yielding plants, the tallest plants etc. etc. But we can tell you that the flavors and the colors and the overall quality will be noticeably better. So if you’re ready to break off from the average gardeners mentality, and you want to impress your friends with your mad gardening skills, give Nectar For the Gods a shot.

Environmental Stewardship

Oregon’s Only Organics was founded by two guys who were grossed out by the nasty chemicals sold to people as fertilizer, and appalled by what is allowed to go down our drains, into the land and water, and into our bodies. Many of these products put plants on permanent life support, rather than supporting truly healthy growth. They knew they could do better, offering a product line that won’t pollute your body or the environment.

Evolution of a Product Line

Nectar for the Gods began life as Harvest Moon Organics several years ago, brewed in small batches in our cofounder’s garage. In The Beginning, there were only a few products, designed to be a simple, complete line for home gardeners. This original lineup included: Gaia Mania, intended as a standalone nutrient, and Medusa’s Magic, Demeter’s Destiny, and Zeus Juice.

There are three growing packages.


Each a complete nutrition program:

Simple: Includes Medusa’s Magic, Gaia Mania. Zeus Juice and Herculean Harvest.

Advanced: Includes those above plus Athena’s Aminas, Demeter’s Destiny, Mega Morpheus and Aphrodites Extraction.

Pro: Includes all listed above in both groups, plus Hygeia Hydration, Poseidonzyme, Pegasus Potion, and Bloom Khaos.

*These products have been “digested” using Bio-Ag’s line of Humic & Fulvic acid. Check back for our article on Bio-Ag and see what they are all about.

*Tip: The ideal pH for nutrient solutions is 6.2 – 6.4.

Product Line


Aphrodite’s Extraction – Dextrose and sucrose

Aphrodite’s Extraction provides a rich blend of sucrose, glucose, and phosphate to promote a thriving microbial population and strong, healthy plant growth. In addition to calcium, microbes need carbon in order to manufacture complex proteins for normal growth and reproduction: low carbon equals low microbial activity. Sucrose is one of the most available forms of carbon for a plant. When sucrose and glucose are blended with proteins, it becomes a microbial feast.

*Tip: Customers who use Aphrodite’s Extraction have experienced dramatic flavor improvements when applying it in the last weeks of the plant’s life cycle. The addition of sugar, and calcium from complimentary Nectar products, allows the plant to process more sugars to improve its ability to procreate. Try using Aphrodite’s Extraction for compost tea brewing: it makes an excellent food source for a microbial rich tea.


Athena’s Aminas – Amino Acids (Nitrogen)

Every plant needs certain compounds for growth beyond soil, light, water, and CO2. Athena’s Aminas provides a readily available amino acid source of nitrogen to optimize protein production and allow for maximum growth rates. By adding an amino acid source of nitrogen, you enable your plants to build proteins as quickly as they are able. When using Athenas Aminas, you can expect to see faster, healthier growth, resulting in bigger, more vigorous plants.


Bloom Chaos – Kelp Extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) – Foliar Bloom Booster

Bloom Khaos is Nectar for the Gods’ patent pending secret weapon for flower production and alleviating hidden hunger. When using Bloom Khaos as a foliar feed, one should notice more flower sites, larger, denser flowers, and superior color, flavor, and aroma. Bloom Khaos improves plant health and vigor while reducing stress at crucial times of the plants’ life cycle, such as: transplanting, flower transition, and prior to taking cuttings. Bloom Khaos works best if used daily as a foliar spray in the early stages of growth and up to a few weeks into flowering. After that, it works well as a water-in additive.

*Tip: When using Bloom Khaos, watch for calcium deficiencies: curling leaf tips, “taco-ing” leaf edges, or curly-q leaves. To remedy or prevent calcium deficiencies and to fully unlock the potential of Bloom Khaos, we recommend using the following Nectar for the Gods products with Bloom Khaos: Herculean Harvest, Demeter’s Destiny, Aphrodites Extraction, and Olympus Up. You can use one, some, or all of these nutrients as part of your regimen. Please refer to the Nectar for the Gods feeding schedule for guidelines on application rates.


Demeter’s Destiny – Calcium Phosphate

Many production problems originate with too much nitrogen and potassium and not enough available calcium and phosphate. Calcium is the “queen-king” of all nutrients, aiding enzymatic action, feeding soil microbes, improving nutrient availability and cell wall integrity, encouraging solid stem growth (vs. hollow in a calcium-deficient situation) and preventing stem breakage. Calcium promotes smooth, sweet, aromatic produce, and generally leads to healthier, more vigorous growth.

Demeter’s Destiny is Nectar for the Gods’ answer to correcting and preventing deficiencies. This special blend offers microbes and root systems balanced forms of calcium, which help to carry all nutrients into the plant except for nitrogen and potassium, including magnesium. Most fertilizers deliver nutrients via a nitrate. Calcium delivery means nutrients are more accessible to your plant, and less likely to be locked out.

*Tip: In the greenhouse and four season gardening industries we find that plant deficiencies are often mis-diagnosed through blanket images and descriptions in trade magazines and literature. We see that the cause of the deficiencies usually stems from an over use of salt based nutrients or the natural decomposition of organic medias such as coir fiber, peat moss or a compost source. We recommend to our gardeners that before you attempt to correct the deficiency do a thorough flush with Herculean Harvest and give your plant a day or two to respond. If leaf curl or leaf twist with a minor tip browning are still occurring then increase the dosage of Demeterʼs Destiny for multiple feedings or until the problem is resolved.


Gaia Mania – Soybean extract, feather meal, bone meal, worm castings, leonardite, and Kelp extract (Ascophyllum nodosum)

Gaia Mania is one of Oregon’s Only Organics’ original products, and was designed to work as a standalone nutrient for home gardeners. This product has been around for many years, under many labels, and has now found its home as Gaia Mania. Gaia Mania is a careful blend of organic materials, enzymatically processed to extract only proteins and humates. This digestion process is the beginning step in the absorption of vitamins, acids and minerals by the plant. Gaia Mania has the ability to feed plants immediately, and is also designed to promote microbial populations in your medium, offering greater protection to plants’ root systems. All of the nitrogen in this product is protein based. This is the healthiest form of nitrogen for plants, promoting strong, healthy growth without a tendency toward elongation as with sodium based nitrates. Plants grow healthiest when they are grown with proteins, organic acids, and calcium based products. Addition of calcium will improve the uptake of Gaia Mania.

*Tip: Early in a plant’s life, like a child, they are searching for the essential building blocks that will make up their entire being and overall life health. Because of the availability of nutrients in Gaia Mania, our gardeners have found a quicker response in healing time and stress relief in stressed or chemical dependent plants. Gaia Mania acts as a nutrient flush as well. Not only will it aid in the removal of excess salts in the medium with its calcium load it also offers an immediate meal for your plants to uptake while energizing their microbial field to promote root protection.


Herculean Harvest – Steamed bone meal

The active ingredient in bone meal, calcium phosphate, helps to carry all nutrients to the plant, except for nitrogen and potassium. Calcium is essential for supplying plant growth energy in order to sustain life and growth, and promotes solid stems through stronger cell development. Calcium also increases the cation exchange capacity of soils, making nutrients more available to microbial activity and ultimately to the plant. The addition of Herculean Harvest to any nutrient line will increase size, aroma and flavor of the plants’ fruit. It also aides in washing salt from a potting soil or soilless medium, and can be used as part of a soil flush solution.

*Tip: When growing fruit producing plants we have all been told to spend ten to fourteen days at the end of the plants life cycle flushing out any nutrient flavor that has occurred during the life of the plant. However, we find that this information is misleading. Once a plant is built and designed with a salt based fertilizer and all the cells in the stems, leaves and fruit have been built it is not an easy task to remove that flavor from a plant. Our customers have run many trials and have found that by feeding a calcium based regimen all the way through, with the last five to seven days feeding Herculean Harvest, Aphrodites Extraction, and Olympus Up as a sweetener, not only did the quality of fruit improve, but they also saw a yield increase. Plants need that last stage in their lives (fall) to translocate all the sugars that they worked so hard to make through photosynthesis during their life span and relocate them into the fruit. Herculean Harvest, Aphrodite’s Extraction and Olympus Up aid in this process while adding extra flavor.


Hygeia’s Hydration – Yucca Extract

Rich in saponins, Yucca acts as a wetting agent to aid in root penetration for maximum nutrient uptake. Hygeia’s Hydration can be used for those pesky soils that dry out and will not rehydrate with regular watering. You can also use Hygeia’s Hydration as a wetting agent for foliar feeding nutrients, pest control, and fungal sprays. Because of the high saponin levels, this product is not recommended for heavily aerated reservoirs due to the foaming that will occur.


Hades Down – Phosphoric Acid

Hades Down is a pH adjusting liquid used to lower the pH of your nutrient solution. Hades Down complexes elements in the nutrient solution into stable, slow releasing forms which are easier for plants to absorb. Providing readily absorbed natural molecules, Hades Down has the ability to stimulate microorganisms and plant growth. This stimulation will directly affect increases in CO2 production, photosynthesis, beneficial microbes, and plant vigor and health. When mixing fertilizers in a reservoir, Hades Down will help prevent nutrient solution fall out.

*Tip: The ideal pH for nutrient solutions is 6.2 – 6.4.


Medusa’s Magic – Soybean extract, feather meal, bone meal, worm castings, potassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate, potassium sulfate and calcium nitrate

Medusa’s Magic was originally designed as “Part A” of a three-part nutrient line. To brew Medusa’s Magic, proteins are gently extracted from materials, and then suspended in a worm casting tea. Nitrogen in Medusa’s Magic is derived from a protein which will result in a healthier, more natural growth pattern in your plants. The healthier the plant, the more efficient the plant’s natural response to produce its own defense mechanisms against pests and disease.


Mega Morpheus – Worm Castings, seabird guano, and Ascophyllum nodosum

Mega Morpheus is a fully digested source of readily available natural phosphate, and the only guano tea on the market today that is free of grit and sand. Our unique process completely filters out grit and sand, offering a consistency suitable for soil, soilless, and hydroponic growing mediums. Nutrients in Mega Morpheus are made totally available through digestion, increasing nutrient delivery and uptake. When using Mega Morpheus, you can expect an increase in photosynthesis, vigor and health, as well as flower size and flavor.

olympus up

Olympus Up – Ground limestone (natural calcite)

Olympus Up is the Nectar for the Gods pH up product. Most gardeners know to adjust the pH of their nutrient solution before use. By using liquid calcium as a pH adjusting component, you will add more calcium to your plants’ cell structure, promoting cell wall integrity. Residual Olympus Up in the soil will increase aeration, promote microbial activity by offering a food source for the soil biota, and contribute to nutrient delivery. Olympus Up is essential when using Herculean Harvest. We recommend using Olympus Up with Herculean Harvest to form an amazing calcium food source for soil microbes. They may also be used together for a more efficient flush, either at the end of your growing cycle, or in new potting medium to stabilize pH and prepare for planting.

pegasus potion

Pegasus Potion – Enzyme disgusted feathers

Pegasus Potion is a new concept of nitrogen delivery. Extraction through enzyme hydrolysis makes Pegasus Potion more biochemically viable, preserving amino acid integrity by breaking proteins at specific sites. This is the first pure-nitrogen product on the market that is not a salt based mineral or urea based nitrogen. Incredibly gentle on plants’ foliage and root zone, Pegasus Potion provides a readily available amino acid nitrogen source. Pegasus Potion can be used as an extremely effective foliar spray as well as a root drench to promote greening and vegetative growth. A little warning to all who are thinking about using Pegasus Potion: IT SMELLS REALLY BAD. We have done everything in our power to quell the stench, and nothing we have tried will mask the smell. Sorry.


Poseidonzime – Kelp extract (Ascophyllum nodosum)

Poseidonzime is a liquefied seaweed product providing soluble potassium. An excellent natural plant growth promoter, Poseidonzime reduces plant stress while increasing flower clusters and overall vigor in the plants’ reproduction.


Triton’s Trawl – Fish Bone Meal

For those gardeners who want the benefit of a liquid bonemeal but have issues with the farming practices of livestock, here is an alternative for them. Rich in calcium from cartilage, Triton is designed to deliver flavor, aroma and color to the finished product. It can be used alone or to enhance the effects of Herculean Harvest.

zeus juice

Zeus Juice – Humic acid and Kelp extract (Ascophyllum nodosum)

Zeus Juice was “Part C” of our original three part line. It is the catalyst in the line and is an essential part of nutrient absorption without a microbial field. Compounds in Zeus Juice are 100% water soluble and are absorbed immediately, acting as a catalyst to produce accelerated growth and nutrient uptake. With increased metabolic rates, Zeus Juice offers optimal nutrient availability, healthy plant growth, healthy prolific rooting and protection from transplant shock. Zeus Juice can also be used as a germination aid, softening the seed coat and providing nutrients for the first stages of life.


the kraken

The Kranken – Crab Meal

The Kraken is a digested crab and shrimp shell product developed to aid in strengthening plant stem and flower sites. The addition of an egg white protein called cystine that the plants really respond to speeds the uptake and entices more microbial feeding. Stronger plants mean less staking and greater plant health, contributing to a reduction of common garden pests as the cell tissue is difficult to bite through. Release the Kraken!

Persephone’s Palate – Carbohydrates

Persephone’s Palate is our answer to the use of molasses in a feeding regiment. The calcium in the lignin acts as a microbial food while the lignin sulphonate acts as a chelating agent, (large, organic molecules that are used to envelop highly-reactive trace metal ions). The purpose of chelates is to incorporate metal ions like magnesium, boron, and zinc into a soluble but bound form that is capable of supplying nutrients to the plants. As the chelate breaks down, the metal ion micronutrients are slowly released into the soil in a bioavailable form that may then be taken up by the plant.

*The presence of Sulfate has been known to enhance the natural aromas and flavors of plants. 

10 Replies to “Oregon’s Only: Nectar for the Gods”

  1. Anthony Hyland says:

    I have bought from you before the simple package I love it but I want to try advance but I need to know the price on the whole Advanced package I believe that’s eight bottles

    1. The Nectar for the Gods is an organic liquid nutrient and the sample pack is a great kit and a great representation of what their product can do in your garden. Their four(4) part base nutrient, Gaia Mania, Zeus Juice, Medusa’s Magic, & Herculean Harvest along with the four(4) additives, Athena’s Aminas, Demeter’s Destiny, Bloom Khaos, & Olympus Up work very well in any soil-less container garden & most drain to waste rockwool systems.

      Advanced Nutrients is a premium synthetic and organic blended nutrient system. As for a sample pack I would have to mention that by far their most popular products, at our store, are the Sensi Grow A & B, Sensi Bloom A & B, Big Bud, & Bud Candy. Theoretically, if you ran all of the additives they offer, at least those of which we carry, you would easily be up to twelve(12) or so bottles. Not all of these products are needed from the start, and the way we recommended bringing in new supplements or additives to your garden, would be one at a time, unless otherwise recommended by the manufacturer, this insures that you see that the product you have chosen truly makes a difference in your garden.

      The price for all four(4) Advanced Nutrients 1L bottles mentioned above(Sensi Grow & Bloom, Bug Bud & Bud Candy) would be ~$160(incl.tx.).

      If you have any question about how much to add please consult their feeding schedule.

      For any other question feel free to ask. Thanks.
      -Aggressive Garden

  2. Better life Greenery says:

    New seedlings you would use which product on them. Seedlings are approximately 3″ tall and going no where?

    1. Check out their feeding schedule HERE.

  3. Johnathan Fasick says:

    How long am I able to leave Demeters Destiny in a reservoir before it goes bad?

    1. ~ 24-48 hrs depending on application.

  4. Dontae Jackson says:

    Can I add Bloom Khaos or Herculean too my compost tea??

    1. When we asked that same question to the sales representative from Nectar for the Gods, they suggested against it based on the idea that the nutrients in those products are so broken down that the microbes found in a rich compost tea would/could potentially reduce the over all nutrient concentration of the products added. I know he kept using the word “enzymaticly digested” but I’m not 100% what that process entails. We hope that information makes since. The nice folk over at Build-A-Soil have found some particularly potent Worm Casting and Colorado Worm Company’s Vermicompost , as well as vegetative and flowering nutrients that are not so heavy in unnecessary salts. For example check out the Thrive.N and the Build-A-Bloom, or if you want a compost designed specifically for the flowering stages of a plant you might like their Build-A-Flower.

  5. DJ says:

    Hi! I have received my Nectar of Gods fertilizer sample pack and really excited to try in my vegetable garden (basil, tomatoes & chili peppers). I see that you reference their line as organic, but there website says they cannot be deemed/certified organic as they are calcium vs. carbon based. Any concerns with using this in vegetables you are planning on eating? Thanks!

    1. No concern at all. The line between organic and “not” organic is a hazey line in the agricultural world. When Nectar for the Gods is compared to other chelated salt products, there is a very large difference in the ingredients list and the dosages.

      I would have no concern eating, or consuming, anything from a garden which used Nectar for the God fertilizers.

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