Hyper Arc by Par Pro

Par Pro® 1100 watt Hyper Arc™ High Pressure Sodium lamp delivers a staggering 2,380 µmol on the Galaxy® 1000 watt turbo setting!

The Par Pro® Hyper Arc™ lamp has the ideal 2000° Kelvin temperature for fruiting and flowering.

The industrial construction of the Par Pro® Hyper Arc™ allows the lamp to exceed all micromole levels currently offered. With attributes of long life, reliability and high efficacy (over 150 LPW) this lamp is an excellent choice for indoor horticulture purposes.

Our Thoughts:

Since these are a newer item we have not had a chance to fully test these units, but with the Galaxy Grow Amps coming back in stock this Summer(2017) we are looking forward to the idea of getting DE(double-ended) output with a single ended lamp. The “turbo” setting always seemed odd and i never fully understood the right time to use them, but maybe this bulb will be the answer.

Other bulb manufacturer(s) have called “shenanigans” on the idea of a HO(high output) bulb, using words like voltage, frequency and other electrical terms that are just over my head. We look forward for what is to come, after watching the evolution of DE and cMH/LEC(ceramic metal halide/light emitting ceramic) in the past couple of years. List lamp looks promising, but we’re gonna weight for the results to come back before we give it or stamp of approval. Anyone looking to purchase one of these units is welcome to contact us and we would be happy to discuss an introductory pricing for first time users.

We hope to come back in a few months, hopefully sooner with result and testing that decides whether this is the new bulb to run with a digital Galaxy Grow Amp electronic ballast.

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