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(n.) – Greek hydro, “water”, and “ponos”, labour.

Aeroponics Hydroponic System
Drain-to-Waste Hydroponic System
Aeroponics: growing plants in an air or mist environment; one of the highest preformance methods of growing

Run-to-Waste: growing plants in containers with nutrients which are delivered fresh and not reused; very common in a soil-less garden

Flood-and-Drain Hydroponics System
Drain-to-Waste Soil System
Flood and Drain Hydroponic System: growing plants in a container in a tray with nutrients and water which are reused and periodically applied
Run-to-Waste Hydroponic System (Raised Bed): growing plants all in one open container or tray with fresh nutrients which are not reused; very common in Aquaponics
Recycling System

Recycling Sarellite Hydroponic System; growing plants in conainers without the use of a large tray to recycle but with each plant having it’s own an individual return line

Wick System
Autopot Hydroponic System: growing plants in a device which monitors the water level and moisture in the growing container and adjusts these factors automatically