Growstone GS-3 Coco Mix

GS-3 Growstones

We sourced the finest coco fiber and blended it with our 100% recycled, 100% American made Growstones. What we created is a mix that can’t be matched. Growstone GS-3 Coco Mix™ is a mixture of Growstones, Coco coir and Redwood fiber with added Mycorrhizae. It’s by far the best coco coir mix available on the market.

What’s so special about our GS-3 Coco Mix?

This mix was specially designed for heavy feeding plants in re-circulating hydroponic systems or run-to-waste container gardens with a unique air-to-water ratio throughout the root zone, allowing for more frequent feeding per day with no risk of root rot.


Planting: Select a clean container with drainage holes. Cover the bottom of the container with a lightweight drainage layers such as Growstone Hydroponic Growth Medium. Fill the container with GS-3 Coco Mix up to a height no greater than your plant root ball. Place the root ball on the container, and fill the remaining container volume with GS-3 Coco Mix up to 1” to 2” from the rim. Press gently around the stem, and water thoroughly.

Repotting: When plants are root bound, its time to repot. For continued growth, repot into a larger container. Thoroughly water the plant and turn the container upside down while tapping gently on the bottom of the container to loosen soil and roots. Once the plant is out, remove all the old discolored roots. Gently break up the remaining roots to promote new growth. Repot in larger container by following the planting directions. Water thoroughly.

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