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GROARTS – or – “Grow Agriculture Research and Technologies” is an Austin, Texas based startup that offers sustainably sourced nutrient lines, products and vertical farming infrastructure.

Our products are available at select local Austin retailers, Etsy, and Amazon. For updates, please join our mailing list below.

Foundation Series

The GROARTS Foundation Series is a comprehensive nutritional series for optimizing crop development. The Foundation Series is a three part liquid fertilizer collection – Veg & Gro, Fruit & Bloom, and Micro Essentials.



ECO Series

The GROARTS ECO Series is a one for all nutrient formula for the vegetative & flowering stages. The ECO Series consists of two powder fertilizers – Gro Essentials and Bloom Essentials.




pH Products

The GROARTS pH Up and pH Down are premium pH buffering products for balancing hydroponic reservoirs.






The Actions We Take Today Will Define The Future of Our Planet.

The Problem With Modern Food Systems.

Rethinking Food Production

Making Innovative solutions for sustainable food production accessible to all.

Vertical Farming & Hydroponics

Learn to Gro

GroArts fertilizer works in all kinds of hydroponic systems.


9600 Great Hills Trail
Suite 150W
Austin, Texas 78759
(512) 687-3277


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