Enzymes Komplete

Enzymes Komplete™ is not a fertilizer, nutrient, or pesticide

  • Helps in disease prevention (plagues, pythium, fungi, and viruses)
  • Saves labour, time, heating and electricity
  • Clean pots and enclosures make an ideal gardening choice
  • Helps to raise the pH
  • Performs in hot or cold conditions and can tolerate freezing for a short time

Enzymes Komplete™ is a wide spectrum natural enzymatic cleaner with a mint twist

Recommended for use during all growing seasons and stages

  • Bacteria free and pH balanced formula
  • Extra long shelf life
  • Compatible with all gardening products – natural or conventional
  • Clean and cleanse all garden systems and surfaces
  • Extra concentrated and very economical
  • Assists with rapid decomposition of all natural matter
  • Clean pots and enclosures from salts and mineral build ups
  • Compatible with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in low concentration
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • No GMO’s

*System Nutrients Change Out – It is recommended that before starting a new nutrient program, systems be flushed with water and enzymes. Clean and change the systems weekly as a clean system delivers the best results.

Unique blend of mint in Enzymes Komplete™ provides superb benefits

  • Balances good and bad bacteria
  • Contains mint antibacterial and antiviral properties
  • Mice and rats can damage any garden from seed to harvest. Rodents, spiders, ants, slugs, cabbage worms, aphids, white flies and squash bugs – none of them like the presence and scent of mint!

#1: ALL GROWING SYSTEMS,  big or small, simple or complex, have many common similarities. Many growing systems such as: Current Culture, Turboklone, Ebb & Flow, EZ Cloner,  Deep Water Culture (DWC) and others, normally experience similar problems and conditions that could be solved by Enzymes Komplete™. All of the systems must be regularly cleaned and kept clean, to assure happy and healthy gardening operations.

#2: If any particular system will be cleaned right from the start, the recommended amount of Enzymes Komplete™, 6ml- 8ml per one gallon of water, should be considered standard procedure. EVERY GARDENER MUST TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION  if Enzymes Komplete™ is not introduced from the start of growing operations, THE 3 EASY STEPS OF APPLICATION ARE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

#3: It makes no difference if it is just a few days after starting or half way through a cycle or during bloom, the first step must be only use of 2ml per one gallon of water. Second flush, the dose will increase up to 4 ml per gallon and the 3rd flush the dosage should be 6ml – 8ml per gallon of water.

The above 3 EASY CLEANING STEPS are a very important precaution to regulate the release of chemical lockout and salt build up that has accumulated inside of a system and needs to be cleaned and carefully removed without shocking plants.


Recommended use:

  • All growing media (rockwool, coco fibre, soilless and others)
  • Water reservoirs, watering tools, watering and hydroponic systems, water equipment, gardening tools, machinery, greenhouses, working surfaces, etc.
  • Soilless  media / seedling trays
  • Cutting / media preparation
  • Foliar equipment cleanse/rinse/wash
  • For compost enclosure treatment

Good to know:

  • Measure accurately because Enzymes Komplete™ is very concentrated and economical to use
  • Use clean measuring devices such as a syringe or pipette/dropper
  • Recommended storage for maximum potency: store away from direct sun and heat in a cool, dry place with temperature not exceeding 50 Celsius/122 Fahrenheit. Refrigeration is welcome and freezing is tolerable but not for a long time
  • Read and follow all label instructions and recommendations
  • Discard leftovers of unused mix right away (a few hours won’t pose a problem)
  • Fresh mix is always the best and most potent

Cleaning, Cleansing and Reconditioning Growing Media:

Reconditioning Media

It is ideal for cleaning and reconditioning rockwool, coco fibre, soilless systems. For Reconditioning procedures it is recommended that the cleaning solution should be 3-4 ml per one litre or 15-16 ml per gallon. Proceed with cleaning procedure and soak the media and leave for not less than 24 hours. The longer you leave the media soaked the better your cleaning results. If one cleaning procedure will not deliver the desired results please repeat the same cleaning application once or twice more.

Cleaning and Cleansing Soilless Systems

The cleaning procedures for soilless systems should be similar to the cleaning and cleansing procedures used with other media and the cleaning solution that exits after cleaning must be discarded and not used again. Reusing flushed cleaning solution it will reintroduce all unwanted salts minerals and pathogens that need to be cleaned and cleansed out of the medium.


Enzymes Komplete™ is uniquely designed to clean, cleanse and recondition all forms of growing media”

Cleaning Water Pumps, Piping, Dosing Systems

To clean your hand tools and instruments, it is recommended that the tools and instruments need to be soaked in 10mL -15mL of Enzymes Komplete™ per Gallon of water. Tools and instruments should be left in solution for 24 hours to obtain the best results Cleaning water supply systems, water capacities and reservoirs and any and all equipment including water pumps, piping, dosing systems and drip emitters.

Drip Emitters

With taking into consideration that drip emitters have a common problem of high maintenance due to very small microscopic spray openings which are almost impossible to keep clean and efficient, with the use of Enzymes Komplete™ the problem of “dirty emitters that do not release water” will be solved at once. 1mL – 2mL per Gallon of Water.

Cloning Machines

For Cloning Machines to clean away salt and mineral and chemical build up it will be strongly recommended to use enzymes complete at a rate of  1mL – 4mL of Enzymes Komplete™ per Gallon of water. By using Enzymes Komplete™ in your cloning machine, you will avoid endangering systems with chemical/mineral cross contamination.

General Maintenance

To avoid surface accumulation of chemical/organic scaling on hard surfaces and equipment, the regular and continuous use of Enzymes Komplete™ is recommended in conjunction with all water procedures including reservoirs and nutrient changes and throughout all growing stages.

Measure well & accurately with a basic medical syringe or dropper.

Mixed with Water in the rate of :

1mL – 2mL of Enzymes Komplete™ per Gallon of Water for a soil / root drench solutions

5mL – 10mL of Enzymes Komplete™ per Gallon of Water for foliar spary applications

8ml of Enzymes Komplete™ per Gallon for Cleaning of Garden Equipment, Tools & Plastics.

*Often 5ml of Enzymes Komplete™ per Gallon of water will be sufficient.

10ml of Enzymes Komplete™ per  Gallon for all Extra Heavy Gardening Cleaning & Cleansing Procedures.

15ml of Enzymes Komplete™ per Gallon for all USED Growing Mediums , Gardening Surfaces & Compost Enclosures.

*Recommended use for the best results to keep Watering Systems Clean with Every Watering Procedure.

Disease Prevention & Healing

Disease prevention in the garden is a very important and easy procedure. It is much easier to prevent disease than to deal with a fully developed problem. Either way, Enzymes Komplete™ will help to heal your garden. All working surface,machinery and equipment must be cleaned and cleansed regularly.

Water Equipment & Growing Systems

All water equipment & growing systems including pumps, water reservoirs & pipes. Drip emitters & Sprayers are the most vulnerable parts of the systems that are regularly exposed to dirt & being easily plugged.

Chemical, Nutrient & Salts Lockout

It has been proven over time and reported by many growers, that Enzymes Komplete™ is the solution that can help to deal with chemical, nutrient & salts lockout almost instantly. The lockout problem gets treated in a fast, easy & gentle way and without damaging any other important processes in the growing operation.

Mint Twist – organic complex mints formulation as part of Enzymes Komplete™

MINT TWIST is a unique organic mints formulation blended to Enzymes Komplete™. The cleanup is very unique, gentle & harmless and helps to protect good healthy micro-environments,good bacteria & good beneficial organisms. The mint fragrance & various mints oils in the formula are powerful & effective cleaning tool in cleaning away stubborn & resistant garden problems as: spiders, gnats, spider mites, Powdery mildew, Broad mites.

Cleaning & cleansing cutting, trimming machines & equipment

Complexity & condition of every machine & equipment and/or their parts will
dictate the way of cleaning & or cleansing procedures as well
the concentration of the Enzymes Komplete cleaning/cleansing solution.
Removable parts, blades, tubing & others are recommended to soak in
Enzymes Komplete™ solution for few hours, as necessary.

*We are not the manufacturers of Enzymes Komplete, we are only a distributor for their product.

**If you need to reach Enzymes Komplete directly you can call them @ +1 604 921 8878 or by mail:

Enzymes Komplete

#4-3511 Viking Way

Richmond, B.C., Canada

V6V 1W1

32 Replies to “Enzymes Komplete”

  1. Andrew says:

    Can I spray for white flies with this product? And if so what should I use per liter for the spray? Just making sure I don’t over do it. Also which time is best to spray? Morning or night to prevent burning. Once a week? Use through flower ? Or only veg and then switch to watering with it? Sorry it’s a lot to ask :(.
    Thank u for your time

    1. 5mL – 30mL(1oz) per gallon seems to be the dosage rate at which the products seems to be the most effective as a foliar spray.

  2. Alejandro A Madrid says:

    Can I put this in my humidifier?

    1. Yes, but as with adding anything to your humidifier, i would error on the side of “less is more”. Start at 1-2mL/Gallon.

  3. jerome sabourin says:

    would you run this thru your cloner prior to using it, or can you also add this to the mix when running the cloner to create roots?

    1. I’ve seen it used both ways. I’ve heard of people using it extra concentrated at 30-50mL/Gallon to clean things and I’ve seen people use it at 1-2mL/Gallon all the way through their entire grow, including in the cloner. All that being said, i would think adding Enzymes Komplete at 1mL/Gallon to the water for your cloner would be just fine. Let us know how it works out for you.

  4. carolyn jones says:

    does it kill spider mites eggs or larva in media

    1. I don’t have any peer reviewed studies to point to but from the reviews of several customers Enzymes Komplete seems to be very beneficial when added to growing mediums to control the outbreak and spread of many insect and fungal issues. I have heard of recipes where cusomers have mixed H2O2 with Enzymes Komplete and they have used this to spray foliarly and remediate powdery mildew. I have had many customers mention using similar recipes to control insects such as mites, aphids, and white flies. When Enzymes Komplete is added to a growing medium it tends to eradicate fungus gnats within two applications. So with all that being said i would imagine it would help, and it certainly seems like it would effect young mites and their eggs but i would imagine a rigorous IPM (integrated Pest management) system would be best to control and eradicate such stubborn pests like spider mites. Alternating with a Safer Pyrethrin & Insecticidal Soap and an Enzymes Komplete would be a great place to start. Using biodegradable soaps such as Sal’s Suds from Dr. Bronners would also work, and certainly works great as an emulsifier when using oils, such as Neem Oil or Karanja Oil.

  5. Michael J says:

    Can this be used in soil? If so would you apply to every single watering?

    1. 1ml – 2ml per Gallon can be used safely in your watering and/or feedings program for your soil container garden.

  6. Zeke says:

    Does it remove powdery mildew?

    1. I don’t know that anyone has claimed this products removes powdery mildew completely, but i have heard customers making mixtures of H2O2 and Enzymes Komplete to control and remediate issues pertaining to mildew and the results of excess humidity. If I’m not mistaken the mixture was something like 10mL H2O2 to 30mL Enzymes Komplete in a Gallon of water. *Ensure contact for no less that 15 minutes.

  7. Zeke says:

    Any recommendations on what to use on powdery mildew? BTW Enzymes Komplete helped, but need something more to make sure it’s gone and stays gone.

  8. Doug says:

    I have a bad fungus gnat problem. I am going to replant with different soil then water with Enzymes Komplete. What strength should it be??

    1. 2-5mL per Gallon seems to be a good number to start at. Most folks seem to stay around 1-2mL for routine maintenance.

  9. Branden says:

    Got a issue with root rot been using about 1 ml in my 3.5gal DWC with Aeration (only about 2gal of water max in DWC) but still getting root rot also been using different forms of Mycorrhizaera and H202. I have been using mild soaps to help wash and rinse roots does bounce back the my plants but then after about 2 weeks with fresh water every week i get a relapse.
    My question is using it as a wash on the roots instead of mild soap?

    And any more that 1ml per 2 gal in my DWC my grow room looks likes some one but a gal of soap in a washing machine.

    1. You certainly can you Enzymes Komplete as a rinse instead of a mild soap, and you can certainly raise the concentration to 2ml-4ml per Gallon.

      We have definitely noticed our DWC customer have had a bit of an issue using higher rates of application with Enzymes Komplete.

      The trick that worked the best for our DWC vegetable growers was making a Beneficial Microbe “Tea” using Earthworm Castings/Compost(1 cup per 5 gallons) and molasses(1 TBSP/gallon) in a 5 gallon bucket with de-chlorinated water and an air stone. Once you have “brewed” this mix for 24 hours you can use 1 cup per 10 gallons in your reservoir. This solution can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week and added as needed until the problem corrects itself. A monthly dose or inoculation may be needed in environments prone to pythium outbreaks, i.e. high water temps.

      *We have had customer spike the “tea” with Great White or Mykos, but for the most part the Earthworm Castings/Compost is full of beneficial Bacteria and Fungus, and these are the same microbes you are trying to grow.

  10. Marcelo Leiva says:

    How often would you put enzyme komplete in a 60l reservoir recirculating system using coco coir in 7 gals pots and the pumps are on 24 7?

    1. Once every two weeks seems to be good enough for maintenance and once a week for outbreaks or issues. Let us know if that helps.

  11. michael strine says:

    How long can you store enzymes complete after opening the bottle, is there a date for use.

    1. There’s not really an expiration date that i am aware of. Typical shelf life for something like this is 2-5 years of stored properly. I know Enzymes Komplete has a higher heat tolerance than most other enzyme products but as long as it doesn’t have a foul smell or contamination i would think it would last a long time.

  12. Thomas Nunez says:

    Do you happen to have sds on this product? It seems to work very well in my growing application.

    1. I went looking through my old emails and I can’t seem to locate a proper SDS for this product. We are arranging an new order in the coming week and will inquire accordingly/. I’m not 100% sure of the standards and practices in Canada, but I will inquire about an up to date copy of their Safety Data Sheet.

  13. Brenda K Hulse says:

    Can a solution of this be put into a sprayer that I hook to my water hose and water my plants? Say once a week?

    1. Once a week at 1-2 ml per gallon is fine.

  14. lily says:

    How long does the foliar spray mixture keep in spray bottle ?

    1. No longer than 12 hours. Most products will state that information on their mixing instructions but i never store spray longer than 24 hours.

  15. Ryan J Jackson says:

    How many MLs can i use when cleaning old soil to re use for another grow?

    1. I would recommend 5-8 mL’s per Gallon to recondition used soil. Typically 2-4 applications over a 30 day process should ensure any root mass or excess salts are breaking down. I would also recommend adding an amendment charge pack like the Build-A-Soil Craft Blend to help re-mineralize your soil as well.

  16. Ryan J Jackson says:

    The soil i buy is completely bare when i get it. It consists of perlite and mycroizzeah. I add my amendments, worm castings and Azomite to it to create my mix. Should i reamend the same way you think? I guess what im wondering is by rinsing the soil, will that ensure ive depleted off my slow release dry amendments and everything else ive previously added to soil, or do you think much of that will still be present in the medium afterwards?

  17. Chris says:

    Can you use your product as a root bath for dealing with root rot from a DWC bucket system? Similar in the way you would use H2O2?

    1. You can use Enzymes Komplete @ 1-2mL per Gallon and up to 8ml per gallon of mature plans as a root drench or root dunk. If needed, you can add 1-2mL per Gallon with your normal fertilizer once a week to continue to treat and prevent further outbreak.

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