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Consultation / Services


Includes floor layout, electrical layout, plumbing layout, HVAC requirements, lighting and hydroponic system design.

  • Floor Layout includes:
    • Walls/partitions needed
    • Grow room specifications
    • Hydroponic system spacing and layout


  • Electrical Layout includes:
    • Electrical load calculation,
    • 120v/240v/277v/480v circuit recommendations
    • Electric wiring/conduit layout and design


  • Plumbing Layout includes:
    • Irrigation recommendations & design
    • Pump/sump design and infrastructure layout
    • Drainage and waste water treatment
    • Water Filtration/Reverse Osmosis design and implementation
  • HVAC Requirement Assessment:
    • Calculating heat generated by the grow lights and auxiliary systems that will need to be cooled to
    • provide an optimum growing environment. This also include
    • VPD (E.g. humidification, de-humidification)
    • CO2 Enrichemnt
  • Lighting includes
    • HID/LED layout, spacing and spectrum for optimal light coverage and crop intensity.
  • Hydroponic System Design includes:
    • Systems specifications,
    • Equipment layout and
    • Water/nutrient requirements.
    • Automation options (e.g. Nutrient doser, pH automation, timers, high temperature shut down, etc.)


Includes a basic floor plan and hydroponic system design with itemized recommended parts and pieces.
*Customization, installation and other services are not included.

Client Requirements:

Specified growing methods and accurate lighting calculations?
  • What is the best way to grow your plants?
    • Is it cost effective? (DWC vs. NFT)
    • Does it grow fast/slow?
    • How long does each step take? (e.g. Germionation, Vegitative, Flowering)
  • How much light does it take to grow your plants?
    • Do your plants require a lot of light? (HID/LED)
    • Do your plants require low lighting? (T5 Flourescents)
    • Do they grow faster under one spectrum than another(UV Requirements)?
  • Crop turn around?
    • How long does it take your crop to grow?
    • How many plants do you want to harvest how often? (e.g. Demand)

On-Site Delivery & Training

  • Shipment Receiving
  • Inventory
  • LTL Freight Delivery (Local & Nation Wide)
  • Systems Management
  • Equipment Training
  • Environmental Trouble Shooting
  • IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Solution

*These services are quoted on a case-by-case basic to fit customers needs and budgets.