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Coast of Maine Organic Products was founded in 1996 with the simple idea that a healthy planet needs healthy soil to sustain life. From this idea, a love of gardening and a commitment to sustainable practices, Coast of Maine Organic Products has grown to offer what we believe are the most unique and effective organic gardening products available. Our organically approved, compost-based soils, enriching mulches, soil supplements and liquid fertilizers are designed to enhance and support healthy soil biology. We compost residuals sourced locally in Maine and New Brunswick, such as shellfish (lobster & crab), salmon, wild blueberries, and cow manure. Additional local ingredients include: tree bark, worm castings, and seaweed. Coast of Maine distributes organic retail bagged goods to independent garden centers along the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and parts of the Mid-West.


To be the most trusted partner to professionals and homeowners who, like us, believe that authentically natural & organic growing, garden and lawn products play a critical role in the health of our communities and the living planet that we share.

To be the most trusted partner to professionals and homeowners who, like us, believe that authentically natural & organic growing, garden and lawn products play a critical role in the health of our communities and the living planet that we share.


To become the preferred national brand of natural & organic growing, gardening and lawn care products and services. We will use our portfolio of brands and work with talented like-minded people to support the quality and safety focused professional and homeowner via the best products and services available. By focusing on building strong relationships with our team members, customers and business partners, delivering consistently high-quality products and understanding the needs of the end-users we will ensure profitable success for our ourselves and our stakeholders while contributing to sustaining our communities and living planet.


Core Values:

Coast of Maine Core Values: Sustainability, Continuous Improvement, Respect, Performance, Teamwork, Growth and Diversity
Sustainability –We value the inherent worth of the natural world, and will respect our role in maintaining it for future generations.
Performance – We value competence and commitment as essential to the success of our business and of our partners.
Continuous Improvement – We value the practice and application of consistent and continuous efforts to improve all aspects of our brands and business.
Teamwork – We value the exponential power of teamwork in achieving our shared ambitions.
Respect – We value the inherent worth of human beings and nature and will operate with respect for each other, our partners, our customers and the environment.
Growth & Diversity – We value the differing talents that our team brings, and that it is a shared responsibility to carry forward a rewarding and safe work environment that supports diversity and professional growth.


Where to Find Our Products

Not sold in “big box” stores! Coast of Maine proudly supports the local garden centers and retailers. It has long been the philosophy of the Coast of Maine brand that our locally made products should be sold by local independent retailers and garden centers that feed the local economy. Independent garden centers and retailers specialize in gardening. They provide a level of superior knowledge, customer service and community support that the big-box, mass retail stores just can’t match. Coast of Maine organic products are available at independent garden centers, local retailers, indoor gardening and grow stores, and many local hardware stores across the East Coast, from Maine through the Mid-Atlantic and parts of the Mid-West.


Soils & Composts

*It is OMRI listed for use in organic gardens

Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix

Uses: Containers and large pots.  Grows the most amazing tomatoes & vegetables!

Coast of Maine Organic Products Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix is a complex “super soil” designed for high performance container growing. It works well with tomatoes, and, where growing cannabis and medical marijuana is legal, growers have reported tremendous results. This soil incorporates mycorrhizal fungi, kelp, fish bone and alfalfa meal, as well as worm castings, peat, coir and lobster compost. When growing in 15 gallon containers,  there is no need for additional nutrients.

Available in 1.5cf bags – enough to fill a 10 gallon pot.

Target pH 6.3



Sprout Island Organic Seed Starter

Uses: Seed germination and starting root cuttings

Coast of Maine Organic Products Sprout Island Organic Seed Starter is a rich mixture of blended sphagnum peat moss, perlite, kelp meal, worm castings and well-aged compost. It contains mycorrhizae and is ready to use in cell packs* or flats and provides natural moisture retention and aeration. It has a mild organic fertilizer charge that creates a biologically diverse environment ideal for germinating seeds and root cuttings. *We recommend cell packs sized 72 or larger.

Available in 16 Quart bags. *2 cubic foot bags COMING SOON

Target pH 6.2



Quoddy Blend Lobster Compost

Uses: Planting amendment for conditioning flower beds and borders, vegetable gardens, herbs and annuals. Terrific for growing vegetables!

Coast of Maine Organic Products Quoddy Blend Lobster Compost is made with lobster shells, compost and sphagnum peat moss. It is a dark-brown, complex soil filled with everything your plants need for healthy growth.  It drains well and is an ideal soil conditioner for existing beds that need reinvigorating.

*2 cubic foot bags COMING SOON

Target pH 6.5



Soil / Mulch Calculator

With everyone doing drive thru/curbside shopping, having an accurate way to determine a shoppers soil/mulch needs at your fingertips is a game changer!

Mobile friendly, simple to use, and FREE, the Coast of Maine Calculators allow your staff to quickly determine the amount of soil and/or mulch the customers need for their garden right from their phone!
No special app, service, or math required! 


Coast of Maine Blog Archives

From indoor house plants to outdoor gardens, the blog archive at Coast of Maine is a wealth of information about their products and how to use them. Drop us a line, or a comment, and we will do our best to answers you as quickly and accurately as possible.


Thanks for reading our blog today about a new member of the Aggressive Garden family, Coast of Maine. While we are focusing on a small selection of their products, we hope to expand our offerings as customers become more interested in these products.

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