Chikamasa Scissors



100 years had passed since founder SHOJIRO WADA (grandfather of current100th_logo-min

president) follow the family business of manufacture flower shears when he was 15

years old at Zaimoku-cho, Sakai, Osaka.


We have been manufactured products which customers were pleased for long time.

Henceforth, we are going to develop the products which match the demand of customer’s voice.

Please continue your favor of CHIKAMASA CO., LTD. toward support and patronage by any means.



Our idea is to produce high quality products.


We have more than 80 types original shears and scissors for agriculture use, gardening, handicrafts and office works etc…

We have been developing useful products to users. Our products are supported overwhelmingly by professionals and amateurs.

The outside of B-500 line’s blade is ground round, so it would not damage grain of grape. Model B-500SL has a blade angled of L type and this makes convenient for working at high place.

B-300 line also has shears with tweezers. When thinning out grain of grape and reversing a wrist, shears and tweezers are used at the same time.


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