Faust Bio-Agricultural Services, Inc (BioAg) was started by Dr. Faust and Carly Faust over a decade ago and today is still a family and employee owned company that prides itself on sustainble soil solutions. In addition to providing uncompromising product integrity we hope to educate on fulvic acid and humic acid, to help promote industry standards and empower our customers.

BioAg_Humic_and_Silica_1024x1024BioAg a world leader in the technology and application of humate derivatives including fulvic acid and humic acid based products. Dr. Robert Faust, Founder and President of BioAg, is a world renowned pioneer in the uses of humates for crops, human health and environmental applications.

In exploring our site, you will find a significant amount of information and scientific data/links supporting our products.  The Principals of BioAg are scientists specializing in fulvic acid & humic acid. We specialize in biochemistry, plant and soil sciences and have spent years researching & developing alternative products for agriculture, environment and health. Fulvic and humic acid products developed by BioAg are utilized and well respected for their high biological activity and most importantly, RESULTS.

We stand behind our fulvic and humic products with a solid, no excuse guarantee.


Our world has been out of balance since the Industrial Revolution. Most recently, we find ourselves in a world that is dangerously beyond what our planet can sustain.

World conflicts over resources like environmentally degrading fossil fuels, agricultural production materials, synthetic chemistry (including pharmaceuticals) and lack of public education are obvious problems. They will continue to worsen unless we the community change our current practices related to food production, environmental pollution,  and dietary habits.

We all have a responsibility to pass the next generation the education and tools they need to help curb the health and environmental damage our society has caused.


Alternative energies, medicines, agricultural inputs and sustainable concepts are vital. By utilizing derivatives from nature and using natural processing BioAg is leading by example.

BioAg is committed to providing organic agricultural products, alternative  health supplements, environmental remediation materials and education about fulvic & humic acids.

Our team is committed to the Earth and all it’s inhabitants. Holistic, Respect and Sustainability are terms we strive to live by and we hope you will join us in these endeavors.

BioAg is among a growing number of individuals, organizations and product suppliers that are striving to make a difference by offering products, services and information that make a difference in how we interact with nature and our environment through stewardship and wellbeing. BioAg’s years of research and knowledge of humates, fulvic & humic acids, source of materials and processing techniques provide customers with high quality products unlike any other.

BioAg offers highly selective and thoroughly researched humic products for a healthier, more productive tomorrow.  We draw information from worldwide sources.  Explore our website pages and learn why we are different.

Humates consisting of biologically active fulvic acids and humic acids are crucial to life on earth because they provide a biochemical bridge between mineral and living plant matter. Humic and fulvic acid are powerful chelaters and help to increase nutrient absorption.

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At BioAg our goal is to work with products the way mother nature intended us to. Our products are not denatured by heat, and to the extent that is possible, we use all natural methods for processing our materials including the collection of rainwater.

BioAg Fulvis & Humic Solutions


VAM™ dramatically improves the surface area of your plant’s root mass. This leads to increased nutrient and water adsorbing capabilities. VAM™ includes 7 specially selected species of endo mycorrhizae with a heavy dose of the very aggressive Glomus intraradices. Includes a myriad of ingredients to guarantee the vigor and proliferation of the fungi. Reduce transplant stress as well as establish protection from potential disease pressure. VAM™ contains only endo mycorrhizae.

It’s all in the name. Ful-Humix® is a cost effective amendment that adds soluble carbon to your soil. It’s sourced and processed for superior gardening results by the grower/scientists at BioAg. Ful-Humix® should be regularly used throughout the plant life cycle, watered into greenhouse or outdoor soils. For extra benefit, also water onto your compost pile throughout the year.

Ful-Power® will maximize your potential. It drives nutrients and minerals into the plant and results in healthier plants and tastier produce. It’s a must have for any grower. Ful-Power® golden humic is purified by a special fermentation style extraction that increases the benefits. It also works in all systems with ease and will not affect pH or ppm. It’s clean and powerful! Great for hydro/aeroponics, foliar and soils. Use entire season, from seeds/cuttings through flush!

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