COVID-19 Backorder Status Update

Due to the unforeseen circumstances of COVID-19 we are working with reduced business hours and limited availability. Our manufacturers, distributors , and shipping partners are working hard to deliver products as soon as they are available.

As of August 1st, 2020 we are mostly stocked back up with a few exceptions. Ourselves, as well as several of our vendor are 7 – 14 days out on shipping. We appreciate your continued patience.

“OUT OF STOCK” – This means the item is currently unavailable from our manufacturer/distributor and is NOT available from purchase at this time.

“ON BACKORDER” – This means the item is available from our manufacture/distributor, but we are waiting receive the item on an incoming order. These items are available for purchase and will be sent as soon as available. We will reach out when an item is on backorder and confirm shipping options.

Chikamasa Scissors – These scissors are not currently available nationwide and will start to be distributed late December 2020 and Early 2021.

GH Flora Duo A & B – Being Discontinued, we have access to limited availability, so if you use this product contact us soon before supplies run out.

GH Armor Si – Quarts and Gallons are on backorder until further notice, contact us for pricing and availability on larger sizes.

FoxFarm – As of August 3rd, 2020 we have begun to receive our FoxFarm orders.

*Due to a warehouse fire, COVID-19 and bad timing, FoxFarm is experiencing higher than usual order volume.

  • Ocean Forest
    • 1.5 cu.ft. – ON BACKORDER
    • 12 quarts – IN STOCK
  • Happy Frog Potting Soil
    • 2 cu.ft. – ON BACKORDER
    • 12 quarts – IN STCOK
  • Coco Loco 
    • 2 cu.ft. – IN STOCK
  • Light Warrior – OUT OF STOCK
  • Strawberry Fields – OUT OF STOCK

Perlite – As of April 20, 2021 we have a couple 2 cu.ft. bags of Perlite from Aurora Innovations; size ranges from 3/8″ – 3/4″

Our usual source of perlite (SunGro) is no long selling their product to our distributor. However, ff you, and/or someone you know would like to purchase a large quantity please inquire accordingly.

*We hope to find a replacement supplier and/or a reliable source of Pumice if possible. We are also working with a rice mill in Beaumont to offer Rice Hulls in the near future.


*We are unable to get the 2.8 cuft Loose bags right now so we are trying the Jolly Gardner C/20 in the same 2.8 cuft size.

Jolly Gardener Pro Line C/20 – $30

Our light weight mix of Canadian sphagnum peat, [aged pine bark] and perlite is a great general purpose mix recommended for a wide variety of potted plants and hanging baskets.

C/20 is an appropriate soil mix for: Flowering and foliage plants, hanging baskets, seeds and cuttings.

Average density 10-12 lbs/cubic foot

CocoGro Products – Backorder until further notice. Unfortunately we are having issues getting this medium in-stock right now, check back for updates in the future.

  • Coco Grow Compresses 5Kg Bale – DISCONTINUED
  • CocoGro Loose Coco Fiber – ON BACKORDER
  • Ready Gro Aeration – ON BACKORDER
  • Ready Gro Moisture – ON BACKORDER

*The ~365g CocoGro bricks have been discontinued as of June 1, 2020.

** We are now carrying “The Ground Up” 5kg Coco Blocks at $16 each. However these are on a minimum 4 – 6 week lead time. According to our sources there is a coco shortage in some areas of the country.

Malibu Compost – OUT OF STOCK

*We can get pallet quantity if you need more than forty(40) bags.

**We have recently picked up fresh earthworm casting from a local source in Magnolia, Texas call the Magic Worm Ranch.

Gavita Master Controler EL1 & EL2 – ON BACKORDER

Ultrasonic Mist Maker –  IN STOCK

GH Water Farm (Complete) – ON BACKORDER

Adjust-A-Wing Avenger Medium Reflector – Discontinued until further notice

Thrive.N – Discontinued until further notice.

Worm Inn – Discontinued until further notice.

Growstones – Discontinued; This company is now out of business.